Dead by Daylight may also get cross-platform cross-play coming soon

However, Behavior Interactive is already blurring the boundaries between certain platforms as early as the fall.

Definitely among the more popular asymmetric multiplayer titles is Dead by Daylight, in whose matches a killer chases four survivors, so the thing requires a different approach depending on which side the player is on. And in a game like this, there is a meaningful rented space for cross-platform between platforms, and developers seem to be aware of that, too.

Behavior Interactive recently reported to us that the cross-progression feature is scheduled to be added to the game soon, sometime in September, which means that our purchased stuff, in-game inventory and progress will be available on multiple platforms at once. This can be especially useful if you’re not used to playing on just one machine, but there’s a tiny bump in the fact that for now, we’ll only be able to take advantage of this option on PCs, Nintendo Switches, and Google Stadium. Also, what’s in the deck is that we can’t transfer all content between platforms.

In addition to the above, the team brought some good news, as it turned out that the long-awaited cross-play between platforms could really be included soon. The feature was already tested when the Steam and Microsoft Store players were brought together, but if all goes well, PCs, PlayStation 4s, Xbox Ones and Nintendo Switches will soon be able to play together. is. At the same time, in principle, there will be a unified friends list, to which we can add players who may be spinning the game on other platforms.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly when the full cross-play feature will be available.

  • Developer: Behavior Interactive
  • Publisher: Starbreeze Studios
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Surviving horror
  • Appearance: 06/14/2016

The developers of Wet and Naughty Bear have created an asymmetric multiplayer-focused horror game in the image of Dead by Daylight, in which, like Friday 13 movies, survivors flee from a killer (number four) who can use all means to escape – and the best all in all, that each of them is controlled by a single player.