Let’s face it, no one has ever trusted Techland too much. Few fondly remember their first shooter releases and Chrome was anything but a gaming milestone in terms of technical achievement, gameplay and storyline. For a series that saw its birth in mediocrity, there was a second that made these Polish developers make the leap in quality, that is the first and above all the second Call of Juarez.

In fact, ours managed to worthily bring the western genre back into vogue with two fun games and all in all well packaged. The consecration, however, came in 2011 with Dead Island, a first-person survival horror to be played alone or in cooperative with three other players rewarded by a good success with the public, as we had the opportunity to point out in the review and the subsequent Reloaded .

Not even the time to relax a moment after escaping the zombie apocalypse, which this Dead Island: Riptide has arrived by return of post. This is the most classic of the sequels and is set on another island of the Banoi archipelago, from which the four protagonists believed they had managed to escape at the end of the first chapter. An excuse to recycle 70% of the assets of the first episode, allowing Techland to create the most classic of “more of the same” with little effort.

What you say is a warm warm welcome. Not even got off the plane in flames that immediately arrive with the garlands of flowers.

That everything hadn’t actually gone right was clear from the moment of publication. It was in fact evident how the best qualities of the original had been transposed into Riptide without much compliments, creating a spin-off in all respects of its predecessor, from which however it also inherited the defects.

In Dead Island: Riptide, the only real news worthy of note was the introduction of an additional character among those selectable and with peculiar abilities. We do not go beyond some recovery missions and some variations to the destructive powers to be accumulated following a sequence of killings, and the partial disappointment was also witnessed by our Commissioner during the review.

As many feared, the immediate after-sales was not without complications: the console versions were fairly well done in terms of graphics and multiplayer support, but they are far from being a technical jewel, even if they are playable without major problems. That PC instead stood out for a series of numerous bugs that often crashed the game, ruining the game for all connected users. Unstable lobbies therefore, but also bugs in quantity and a series of glitches have affected the experience on PC. Despite the publication of a series of corrective patches by Techland, the game cannot, even today, be defined as particularly stable.

The classic Dead Island co-op is revived in Riptide without major changes.

To find out, just take a trip to the official Steam forum and notice the number of topics full of complaints for all kinds of desktop crashes, but also of various kinds of bugs such as duplicable weapons, endlessly repeatable missions and other similar refinements. The answers from Techland are in hiding and the feeling rather clear is that the support has now ceased since last fall, probably in conjunction with the start of development of Dead Island 2.

The game has certainly been put in the pipeline by looking more at the needs of the console public, which has kept the sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 standing at around one million and two hundred thousand copies overall, with a clear advantage of those sold for the console. from Microsoft. The PC is left with the crumbs of fifty thousand packaged, even if it is reasonable to think that the number is greater taking into account the digital copies.

This had the impact that everyone could have expected on the success of a not particularly exciting co-op mode, if we think that the first Dead Island had sold almost five million copies, creating a much larger base for the next six months. Sales decreased by 80% have created greater difficulties for those who relied on the drop-in system in facing the adventure that often left at the mercy of bots that were not particularly intelligent, but slightly improved compared to the first Dead Island.

The Dead Island series has always been more oriented towards the use of sidearms than firearms. Modding increases the possibilities in this regard.

Today it is therefore very difficult to find someone on PC willing to share more than a few sporadic gaming sessions, while it is easier to complete the group on consoles, especially on the Xbox 360, the best-selling version of the triptych. If you want to complete the entire game in company, there are not many alternatives: you need to proselytize and convince someone to make a simultaneous purchase to play it in a private co-op.

As experience has taught us many times before, the poor commercial success of a game, at least when compared to its predecessor, is not the best incentive for developers to devote themselves to making quality add-on packages, and that was just that. the case of Dead Island: Riptide.

Thus, only two DLCs with completely insignificant contents were produced such as the Fashion Victim, with new skins for the protagonists, and the Survivor Pack, which offers a few more weapons, a discounted store and changes to the progression of the experience. Too little and too little conviction to give us to understand that the Techlands really believed in it.

That said, the conclusions are pretty simple: Dead Island: Riptide it is basically an overgrown DLC that nothing adds to what has been done previously and without being able to enjoy the novelty effect of the progenitor. If the game design had been at the same level as the first chapter and characterized by elements of greater variety we could have postponed, but the original sin of a game made in a hurry to offer the same soup to fans without finishing it as it should be, we recommend the purchase. exclusively to Dead Island’s most poisoned fans.

PC users, fans of the cooperative mode and solitaire players in general are instead invited to keep the twenty euros in their pockets at which it is possible to find the packaged Dead Island: Riptide on the stores of the various retailers and Steam and look around more carefully or wait for the arrival of Dead Island 2.

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