Dead or Alive 5 Last Round – review

How many times have we been here, since 2012, to review Dead or Alive 5? So many. Maybe too many. Apparently, however, it is not over yet, since after having monetized with hundreds of downloadable costumes and characters, Tecmo Koei has seen fit to resell (for the umpteenth time) the fifth chapter of his famous fighting game.

Having to talk about a title whose engine, combat system, animations and design have been abundantly examined in previous reviews (which we invite you to go and recover, to clarify any doubts relating to the contents listed above), this time we will try to concentrate only on any news proposed by this Final Round.

The elements that stand out the most, at the first start of the game, are the two new characters created for this version: the student Honoka, and the massive Raidou, boss of the first Dead or Alive, dusted off for the occasion in a cyborg variant.

Both characters certainly do not shine for their design, both on the graphic front and on that of the fighting style. In fact, most of Raidou’s techniques had already been created for Dead or Alive Dimensions, a portable version of the fighting game developed by Team Ninja, while in the case of Honoka, we are faced with the classic mash-up character, which uses shots taken in loan from the other cast members.

Honoka is a fun fighter, although many will find her annoying due to her characterization and recycling of other people’s techniques.

Among the two new entries, however, the young Honoka is probably the most interesting, thanks to the possibility of chaining a large number of different shots through a series of passing stances, useful for dodging any attacks or switching from one style to another.

Its characterization, then, perfectly matches the song that accompanies the fights, clearly inspired by Japanese pop culture and the world of idols, to which Honoka refers in more than one circumstance. On the other hand, after the arrival of Marie Rose (with her references to Gothic Lolitas), a further step towards fan-service was quite predictable.

On the character front, therefore, the work done for this new incarnation of Dead or Alive 5 was not particularly intense and refined, but we tried to bring home the maximum, with the minimum effort.

On the other hand, it is likely that both the publisher and the developers have aimed to invade the new generation of consoles as quickly as possible, in order to fill the almost total absence of interesting fighting games for fans of the genre.

Raidou is a slow and extremely violent character. On the other hand, the heaviness of the blows has always been a key feature of his fighting style.

On the 3D front, in particular, on Xbox One and PS4 there are still no challengers able to hinder the sales of Dead or Alive Last Round, which is why it was essential to get on the train as quickly as possible, in order to avoid having to collide with the already announced Tekken 7.

To the two new characters we add the inevitable rebalancing of the gameplay, with some tweaks to the effects and frames of the moves of the various fighters, useful to make the overall experience even more balanced.

In addition, two “new” arenas have been added to the package, Danger Zone and The Crimson. The first is a tribute to the first Dead or Alive, where every fight was faced in arenas characterized by an explosive floor on which to crash the opponent, to make him fly tens of meters high, leaving room for hilarious juggles.

In this new incarnation, the Danger Zone has been reinvented as a cyclic stage, where it is possible to make the opponent fall endless times on the lower floor, to the benefit of the spectacularity of the action.

Let’s face it: the Dead or Alive saga has never hidden its passion for fan service.

The second extra level is the revision of The Crimson, an arena already seen in Dead or Alive 2, suitably enriched by a large amount of neon lights that show the best on PS4 and Xbox One.

As this is the latest version of Dead or Alive 5, this Last Round stands out for a wealth of content that would appeal to anyone. With 34 playable characters, more than 300 costumes (among those immediately available, and those to be unlocked), and the new accessories with which to customize the fighters in a mild way (glasses, hairstyles and so on), there is enough meat on the fire to satisfy anyone, especially considering the low selling price.

If on PS3 and Xbox 360 you were interested in crazy purchases, also, know that it is possible to import old saves with great ease, with all the DLC associated with them. Although it includes a large amount of costumes, in fact (some characters have more than 30), Dead or Alive 5 Last Round it does not include all material released up to this point.

Furthermore, the game still leaves ample profit margins for Tecmo Koei, who in all probability will distribute new costumes and accessories for a fee for the unreleased characters (who, not surprisingly, boast a wardrobe limited to “only” six dresses). Resign yourself, then. To have the final version of DoA5, we will probably have to wait a little longer.

Also in this version of the game there are several characters from Virtua Fighter, the historic 3D fighting game created by SEGA.

From a technical standpoint, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are the ones that flex the most. Even if the scenarios and polygonal models of the wrestlers have not undergone particular tweaks, the constant 60 fps and the 1080p resolution give the game a truly enjoyable aspect, especially in the most inspired arenas, and characterized by elaborate lighting effects.

We also report the use, on the new consoles, of an engine called Yawaraka Engine, designed to make the roundness of the wrestlers even more convincing. While not a striking modification, observing the game carefully (and making a direct comparison with the old-gen version) you can see more convincing animations of the breasts and buttocks, a detail that will make a good slice of the public happy.

Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to test the stability of the online servers. The version we reviewed is the PS4 version, and at the time of writing the servers were still deserted. For more information on this, please wait a few days. We will make sure to update the article as soon as possible. We are confident, however, that the quality of the netcode will be comparable to that already appreciated in previous incarnations.

To buy or not to buy, then? Clearly we are faced with a remastered in disguise, a sort of GOTY that tries to bring Dead or Alive 5 into our home for the umpteenth time. If you have already invested several times in the game, perhaps by purchasing the first episode, the Plus version on PS Vita and DoA 5 Ultimate, plus the countless DLCs, perhaps it would be appropriate to settle for what you already have, instead of buying more. once the same product.

If, on the other hand, you stopped at the very first version of Dead or Alive 5, without DLC, or maybe you want to enjoy the series also on the new generation of consoles, know that in this package (sold at a reduced price) you will find a load of content, alongside solid gameplay, tested, and further balanced for the occasion. All at 60fps / 1080p.

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