Dead or Alive 6 and the paid hair color: Koei Tecmo runs for cover after the avalanche of criticisms

Koei Tecmo was the subject of discussion at the end of last month about it Dead or Alive 6, when the publisher revealed a new game mechanic that allows for hair color changes but for a fee. In the wake of this controversy, Koei Tecmo has announced an upcoming patch that will change the way the personalization system works.

Starting with version 1.21a, which will be released on March 31, players who wish to purchase a new hair color for their favorite character will be able to permanently unlock all 16 colors for that particular style. For example, if a player purchases the Marie Rose Hairstyle Color Change DLC, they will permanently receive all 16 colors for that style, which they can change to their liking. Also, all Premium Tickets that have been spent on hair color so far will be refunded and all hair colors will revert to default mode.

This situation is obviously more feasible than the original plan, but nevertheless in Dead or Alive 6 players are still asked to pay to change their hair color. And even though you now get all colors permanently, the payout still depends on style and character. It can still have a cost of one euro, but multiplied by the various hairstyles of all the characters it is always the same expensive.

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There is no correct way to pay for this option. If Koei Tecmo wishes to implement a hair color change option, the only viable choice is to allow people to change the hair color of all characters, whenever they want, for free. Hair color is perhaps the most rudimentary customization option in a video game, and making it paid for isn’t the best way.

Source: Destructoid