Dead Or Alive 6 lets you customize the hair color of characters for a fee

A new update for Dead Or Alive 6 now makes it possible to adjust the hair color of characters. The big downside is that you have to buy a premium ticket for each coloring. And the latter is not well received by the fans.

The option to color your character’s hair has been in the game since February 25. However, it is not possible to keep previous hair colors in your inventory. They disappear after you buy another color option. To express their displeasure, many fans spit their bile via Twitter.

Publisher Koei Tecmo is not averse to microtransactions anyway. For example, the company previously added expensive new clothing to the game. In addition, previous Dead or Alive 6 expansion packs, according to YouTuber EmeryReigns, contain recycled content. You can read how the game plays apart from those annoying microtransactions in our Dead Or Alive 6 review.