Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space and a former head of Sledgehammer Games, recently sat down with VentureBeat to talk about her latest project work with PUBG Corp, the company behind PUBG. Although Schofield could not speak specifically about the new game he is working on, he commented on how his team built Striking Distance Studios during a pandemic.

Since leaving Sledgehammer Games and Activision, Schofield has started to form Striking Distance Studios in San Ramon, California, with funding from PUBG Corp., fueling this latest venture. Thanks to the publisher’s support, Striking Distance is currently under development in an AAA game, intended to be performed within the same universe as PUBG.

According to Schofield, Striking Distance’s first project is an AAA title that the studio has been referring to internally as quad-A, as a statement of how advanced this game is that developers want to create. However, shortly after securing a space to work and starting the process of moving the team to a new office in San Ramon, blockages began to occur across the state. This could lead to Striking Distance joining the growing list of companies forced to postpone games due to the Coronavirus, with the studio’s first game being developed by a team from their homes.

Schofield is still confident that the current Striking Distance project is still underway, as many team members continue their work from the security of their homes. Likewise, the company is still hiring, even during the pandemic and without a central location for the team to work at the moment, although there is a location fully stocked with resources ready to be used when the situation allows it to be used. This puts Striking Distance Studios on the same ground as other developers, like Santa Monica Studios and Obsidian, still hiring, with opportunities for new employees to participate in new projects.

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