Deals on accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch bands

Today is November 27, the big day of Black Friday 2020. Throughout the week we have seen countless discounts on all kinds of devices and products, many of them from Apple itself, even models fresh from the oven. In this post we are going to discuss accessories for some of your items.

Ultra compact battery iWALK Mini for iPhone

The autonomy of smartphones is quite poor if we tend to use it a lot, hopefully lasting the whole day if it is well optimized or includes a large battery. For the moments when we need to recharge it and we do not have a plug nearby or we are moving, the iWALK Mini of 4,500 mAh (25.99 euros 20.79 euros. Is an interesting option that attaches directly to the iPhone’s Lightning connector without adding a lot of weight like other external batteries. It is possible to recharge the Power Bank and the iPhone at the same time with a single cable.

UGREEN MFi Headphone Adapter

The most recommended accessories to use with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch are those that have the MFi (Made For iPhone) seal, as it ensures full compatibility with company devices. This UGREEN 3.5mm headphone adapter has it, and it’s on sale for Black Friday at 15.99 euros at 11.98 euros. Its braided cable promises good durability and resistance.

Gravity smartphone holder for car from UGREEN

When driving, try not to use your smartphone under any circumstances, but if you are using a hands-free system or as a GPS navigator, it is advisable to have it within easy reach to be able to follow the directions safely. A good way to do this is with a mobile holder that can be attached to the ventilation grille with a gravity system such as UGREEN’s (14.99 euros, 11.24 euros).

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal

IPhones have a good stabilization when recording video, but to achieve a totally fluid experience, a gimbal-type accessory is recommended, such as the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. With a three-axis stabilizer, lightweight design and widely portable, it is reduced for Black Friday to 109 euros 79 euros on Amazon.

Native Union Dock Marble Charging Base

Black Friday has also reduced design technology products such as Native Union’s high-quality genuine marble support (71.99 euros 35.99 euros), which also includes a reinforced Lightning MFi cable for connection to the computer or power outlet . Works with most cases and housings thanks to the included three adapters.

Hommie 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for iPad Pro and Air 4

The iPad Pro (2018 and 2020) and the fourth generation iPad Air have a USB-C connector, so it is possible to connect them more quickly and easily all kinds of peripherals without as much hassle as in the Lightning era. This Hommie USB-C hub (59.99 euros 31.99 euros) has six connections (HDMI, SD / MicroSD card readers, 3.5 mm audio jack, USB-A and USB-C to recharge the battery .

Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generation

One of the best accessories for iPad it’s the Apple Pencil. Depending on the tablet model, one version or another is compatible (iPad Pro 2018, 2020 and iPad Air 4 work with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil). It is very precise when writing by hand and sketching, resembling (as far as possible) writing on paper with a pencil or pen.

Smart Keyboard for iPad (2020), iPad Air (2019) and iPad Pro (10.5 “- 2017)

The Smart Keyboard Cover for iPad is a good way to protect your device and make it more productive. Powered through the Smart Connector connection, it requires neither Bluetooth nor battery, so there is no delay or worry about the charge level. It is reduced to 179 euros 156.20 euros on Amazon.

Official Apple Leather Case for iPad (2020), iPad Air (2019) and iPad Pro (10.5 “- 2017)

The protection of electronic devices is very important because they are quite expensive items and they tend to be damaged, sometimes, by any dumb bump or scratch. If you have an iPad with a 10.5 “or 10.2” screen, you can use the original Apple leather case, whose red color is very low on Amazon at 149 euros 33.60 euros, and has with compartment for Apple Pencil.

Pack of three Nylon straps for Apple Watch

Official Apple straps are quite expensive, usually starting at 50 euros. On the Internet you can find a large number of alternatives and manufacturers, although not all of them are of very good quality. East pack of three JUCC straps simulate Nylon And they have a good value for money that on Black Friday is even more narrow to 12.99 euros 10.39 euros.

Tasikar Stainless Steel Strap for Apple Watch

This Tasikar stainless steel strap is compatible with all generations of Apple Watch and stands out for its brushed surface treatment to resist wear and tear. Adjustable in size, it provides a touch of elegance for moments that require it (or daily if you have to wear a suit). The black and silver colors are on sale for 24.98 euros, 19.98 euros.

Rio de Suritt Leather Strap for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a highly customizable device due to its interchangeable straps, allowing the user to choose the one that best suits their needs / tastes / way of dressing at any time. Suritt is a brand specialized in creating accessories for Apple devices, as straps for your “smart” watch, and the Rio model has a 30% discount if we apply the coupon (just below the price is the box to be checked) that leaves it at 64.95 euros 45.46 euros.

Belkin Apple Watch Travel Mount

This product allows save excess cable of the Apple Watch charger to keep the area organized and secure it securely in one position. Its adjustable foot makes it easy to recharge the device both vertically and horizontally, being compatible with nightstand mode. It is on sale of the day at 29.99 euros 11.99 euros.

More offers?

If you join Amazon Prime, you have a 30-day free trial (after 36 euros per year) to enjoy free fast shipping, priority accessory to offers, services such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited photo storage. In addition, if you are a student, becoming a Prime Student costs half and you have a 90-day trial.

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