Death Stranding producer hints at Photo Mode for PlayStation 4

Hideo Kojima shows in a tweet how the Photo Mode of Death Stranding works in the PC version of the game. In addition, he says that the mode may also come to the PlayStation 4 via a new update.

Death Stranding came exclusively to PlayStation 4 last year. In the game, protagonist Sam Porter is tasked with traveling through a devastated landscape and securing the future. Since the game’s environments look very impressive, it is therefore not surprising that fans would like a photo mode.

Introducing how to use DEATH STRANDING PC version Photo Mode. It? S still under development but i think you can see the idea of ​​how the process goes. I may consider this feature as an update, since there? Re many requests from Sam? S in the world.
Out on 6/2https: //

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Whether Kojima is kidding us is not certain. What we do know for sure is that Death Stranding will get a PC version in June. Do you hesitate to get the game for the PlayStation 4 or soon for the PC? Then our Death Stranding review might be able to help you with that.