Demon’s Souls Remake: tricks, tips and everything you need to know when you start playing and not die trying

We offer you the best list of tips and tricks to get you off to a good start on your dangerous adventure in Demon’s Souls Remake, essential to properly grow both the difficulty curve and the character.

One of the most challenging titles that you will find in the new PlayStation 5 catalog is the launch of Demon’s Souls Remake, the most important game that you will enjoy during the first months of the new Sony desktop console.

Surely you already know the license, and it is likely that you played the original title, and you know that things are not going to be exactly easy, therefore it is convenient that you refresh your memory and take into account a series of tips and tricks before starting to play.

We are talking about a title that has been remade from scratch, and improved in practically all aspects, with what is practically a new game and surely the one that is sold the most at the launch of the new console.

Demon’s Souls Remake: tricks, tips and everything you need to know when you start playing and not die so much trying

These are all the tips and tricks you should follow if you don’t want to die trying:

What class to choose at the beginning

It has a lot to do with the way you play, although over time it has been discovered that each class represents a different level of difficulty. For example we have the class of the knight who is ideal for combat; that of the priest who is good for self-healing; or the Royalty class who is good at ranged magic. In particular, the Royalty class could be considered the easy mode because it begins with a reach spell and a ring that slowly regenerates magic points.

First hours

They are really important because it will allow you to choose the correct learning curve. We recommend that once you wake up in the Nexus and meet your trapped companions, you go to the arch on the left, exactly to the Boletarian Palace. As soon as you pass it and defeat a demon, you will find yourself with access to the rest of the arches.

From there it is recommended that you play the first level of each of the bows, defeating the first demon. As soon as you have finished, start with the second level of the rest of the arches, and go so on.

Shape of body and soul

As soon as you die at the hands of Vanguard, you will lose your body form and awaken in soul form with half your health points. You can return to body form with an Ephemeral Eye Stone or by defeating a Greater Demon. Maybe you will prefer the body shape at the beginning because you recover your normal levels of life and the ability to help you from other players, although you can also be invaded by others.

So that in soul form you are much better you can get the ring that will give you a maximum increase in life although it will keep one of your ring slots. You can find it from the beginning in the boletarian palace between two portcullises at the bottom of a staircase, to the left of the great main gate.

Better combat setup

It has a lot to do with the way you play, but we can send you a series of recommendations. For example, enemy miners that appear in tunnels are weak when it comes to armor piercing weapons and Phalanx are weak when it comes to firing. Of course, you should carry a shield at all times to be able to defend yourself from blows in addition to dodging them. I also advise you to get a bow as soon as you can.

You can also use a catalyst to cast magic spells like fireballs. For miracles you will need a talisman.

Try to surround the enemies and hit them from behind although it also has its certain risk, so you should practice.

Don’t carry too much

It is especially important that you keep an eye on the level of charge you are carrying, and you will see a clear indicator that tells you when you have exceeded 50% of the weight of the equipment. Try to level up your stamina stat so that you can equip more weapons and heavy armor. It is important that your character is always agile because it will allow you to dodge and attack enemies better.

Observe the bloodstains of other players

This is very important because it will give us clues of how others could have died, and you can also pay attention to the scribbled messages. That will allow you to save yourself from the odd trap but you could also fall into the deception, so be very careful because sometimes it is not entirely advisable to follow the clues they have left.

Nothing is impossible

You will have certain encounters with some great enemies and you will not know very well how to kill them, but do not worry because in certain confrontations there will be puzzles that you must first solve in order to harm the enemy. Also try to search the area in case you need a particular object or weapon to defeat it. All enemies can be defeated, so if you can’t defeat one yet, you’re going too fast.

You can get many souls

You require them to advance further, to obtain healing items or to level up, but we recommend that you go to the Shrine of Storms on the ritual path in the fourth arc. Note that after you kill the adjudicator, you will encounter a grim reaper-like monster, and you can kill it with some safety by shooting arrows from higher ground.

If you manage to get the ring of greed you will increase the amount of souls that fall from enemies, so it will be much more profitable. You can buy it from the noblewoman in the prison of the Tower of Latria.

Your safe haven

At the beginning you will be introduced to the Nexus which is a main center of adventure and the only safe haven. But this area you can meet the key characters of the game, but also merchants and support allies. From here you can update your equipment and manage your inventory. Player leaderboards are included in the upper levels of the Nexus. The most important character in this area is the Maiden who will help us level up with the collected souls.

Now you know what are the best tips and tricks to start playing Demon’s Souls Remake, one of the biggest challenges ahead of you. Of course, do not hesitate to consult everything related to Demon’s Souls, such as, for example, that Bluepoint has made fun of those who try to pass through the secret door in Demon’s Souls; you almost did. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our PS5 review, either.