There Season of the Intrepid of Destiny 2 it’s nearly two-thirds finished, but it looks like players still have a lot to discover before next season’s launch in June. User tic-toc26 recently found a glitch in the world and discovered a big spoiler.

In a Reddit post by user PaperMartin, it appears that someone named tic-toc26 stumbled upon a glitch in Destiny 2’s Tower and found rubble that can lead to battle damage. Hidden beneath the current pristine Tower are the scars of a battle that has yet to take place. According to the post, tic-toc26 was able to locate a mission with the destroyed Tower fully visible.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Destiny 2 recently, Earth is currently in grave danger. In a last ditch attempt at revenge during Destiny 2’s Red War campaign, the Cabals reprogrammed their ship, The Almighty, which was hurled at Earth, The Traveler and The Last City. Considering that The Last City is home to the remaining humanity, and The Tower is where players congregate, the mission to stop the Almighty has top priority. Below you can find some images that present the spoiler.

Players have spent all season launching war satellites for Rasputin – a giant Russian supercomputer – to use against The Almighty. By threatening the Tower, it’s easy enough to detect Bungie’s bluff; destroying the game’s main social hub seems extremely unlikely, but the battle damage shown in the glitch suggests a closer encounter with the Almighty than we think.

It is worth noting that the Tower is still standing in the screenshots that are posted, which means that players will stop the Almighty by the end of the season. However, the level of destruction means that the ship will likely get very close to the Tower before Rasputin destroys it. The damage to the Tower would therefore presumably come from falling debris. If this is indeed how Tower damage occurs, players will likely see it by the end of May.

Source: Polygon

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