Destiny 2 announces new Annual Pass with promise of varied content

Along with the revelation of Forsaken, the first major expansion of Destiny 2, Bungie revealed that it will change the way it charges for new content in the game. From now on, the company will start working with an Annual Pass, which promises to guarantee access to various interesting content over the next 12 months.

It will be possible to purchase the new package in several ways: together with Forsaken, it will cost US$ 69.99. Those who already have the expansion will be able to buy only the Annual Pass for US$ 34.99 — the values ​​corresponding to the Brazilian versions of, Xbox Live and PlayStation Store have not yet been released.

Premium Content

According to Bungie, the purchase will guarantee access to premium content linked to updates that have arrived at Destiny 2 on a seasonal basis. The packages promised so far are as follows:

  • Black Armory – Summer 2018;
  • Joker’s Wild – Fall 2019;
  • Penumbra – winter 2019.

Among the new features promised by the developer are new endgame challenges, assorted weapons and armor (which include new exotics and old ones returning to the series), as well as new story missions and Triumph Records. According to David Dague, Bungie’s Community Manager, the company is focusing more on activities that ensure players keep coming back to the game than on cut-scenes or videos.

There will be additional D2: Forsaken product options unveiled later this year for players who do not own the Destiny 2 base game and both Expansions. They’ll be available closer to the Sept 4th launch.

— Bungie (@Bungie) June 5, 2018

The developer guarantees that while some Destiny 2 content will be exclusive to Annual Pass buyers, those who don’t decide to purchase it will also be able to check out updates in the coming weeks and months. It is worth noting that the purchase of the pass will not guarantee access to Forsaken, which will have to be purchased separately by interested players.