Destiny 2 crossplay beta, how crossplay was available early, and the full release date for crossplay explained

Destiny 2 crossplay is a feature that fans have been asking for for a long time – the ability to play with other Guardians, regardless of system – whether on PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Stadia.

2019’s introduction of Destiny 2 cross saves is a step in the right direction, taking your progress to the platform of your choice, but still leaving you bound to interact with others on that system.

The arrival of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S brings this reality a step closer with the introduction of cross-generation crossplay and Bungie has confirmed that full crossplay is on the way, debuting during the crossplay beta.

Although during the beginning of Season of the Splicer in May 2021, you had limited access to crossplay in Destiny 2.

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How Destiny 2 Crossplay Was Available Too Early

UPDATE (Friday, May 14): As part of hoftix, Bungie has “fixed an issue where some players got early access to crossplay” – meaning that the methods below no longer work. However, we keep the section available if you were interested in how players were able to get crossplay working.

ORIGINAL: While Bungie has confirmed that crossplay is coming later in the year, with the arrival of Season of the Splicer, crossplay was made available to some players.

That was recognized by Bungie community contributor Cozmo on Twitter, who said the feature “shouldn’t be live yet and is not representative of the full experience,” as well as that a fix is ​​underway during the season’s release week (starting at 11 May). Until then, players are “free to participate” in the feature.

So how does it work? Some players, like GamerGirlGrey on Twitter, were lucky enough to have clanmates on other platforms appearing in the Roster menu and joining from there.

Crossplay? Glitch? update:

I? M able to join FT again, in the first mission from #XBOX with a #PC Destiny 2 clan mate. @ JustManda_ is on PC, me and @xKingAllan are on Xbox. @ A_dmg04 @ Cozmo23 tagging to give you an update, still works for us.

– GamerGirlGrey ???????? (@GamerGirlGrey) May 11, 2021 Manage cookie settings

The above may not work for you right away. However, a reliable way to initiate crossplay with a friend came from ohgodimgonnasquirt on reddit, who revealed a method that’s more complicated and requires both players to access Steam on PC.

This is how you play Destiny 2 crossplay early:

  • Start Destiny 2 on PC but don’t log in – just run the client at the ‘press to play’ screen.
  • Launch Destiny 2 on the platform (Xbox, PlayStation, or Stadia) you want to cross-play with and log in to a character.
  • The other player should now log into Steam and add you as a friend. After that, that player should now see the console player in their Roster in-game, and be able to choose to join them.
  • As soon as the Steam player joins the console player, crossplay will begin.
  • We assume that the first player is not technically logged into PC, but that Steam offers the option to activate crossplay even when logged into console.

    We tested it with a PC and Xbox. Remember – keep the console player’s PC client open, but not logged into the game.

    Remember, there’s a patch coming up that will remove the crossplay – sometime between May 12th and 16th – so take advantage of the early access while you can.

    If it does disappear, know that this isn’t your only chance to test crossplay for the full debut …

    What do we know about the Destiny 2 crossplay beta

    In addition to the above, a datamine from in addition to the Season of the Splicer patch revealed a tease of a crossplay beta coming soon.

    That came in the form of an Emblem called Stars Crossed, which could be unlocked by completing three crossplay beta Vanguard Strikes.

    The Destiny 2 crossplay beta reward Emblem, Stars Crossed. (Source:

    How and when the beta will come is uncertain, but it suggests that a special playlist will be added to the game that will bring players from different systems together for a period of time. And if you participate a maximum of three times, you will receive the Emblem.

    Bungie hasn’t officially announced the Destiny 2 crossplay beta yet, but now that crossplay was accidentally temporarily available, it does suggest something is coming soon.

    Destiny 2 crossplay release date: When will Destiny 2 have full crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia?

    Developer Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 crossplay is available during Season 15, which will be released on August 10, according to the Season of the Splicer roadmap.

    Note that the above date may change based on the end of the current season. For example, Season 13 (Season of the Chosen) was originally supposed to end on May 9, but that was moved to May 11.

    In any case, Bungie has confirmed that all platforms support crossplay. Not only that, but there is also no matchmaking between console and PC players in the Crucible unless they are specifically invited.

    Until then, players on console will be able to take advantage of cross-generation multiplayer – allowing Xbox One and Xbox Series owners and PS4 and PS5 owners, respectively, to play together.

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