Destiny 2 – that’s all we can do in open areas

In Destiny 2’s latest gameplay video, we can see what adventures we can get into while exploring open areas.

In the extended open beta, we can try out the content of Destiny 2, which is a bit more concentrated, but of course, like the first part, we have more free areas to explore this time as well. In a recent video, the creators of the game also give a little taste of this.

Rob I Engl, the game’s head of programming, spoke to US IGN editor about what’s all waiting for us between two more closed-structure tracks. Meanwhile, in the background, we can see an area called Nessus and what adventures await us, how to find them, what rewards await us at the end of an Adventure, Public Event, or Lost Sector. The commentary reveals that the creators of Destiny 2 are also trying to give them tasks that are varied in length in the open world, so there will be mission types that are a few minutes and longer.

What type of content do you really expect from the game?

We still have something to tell you, you will find all the interesting things here!

  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, FPS
  • Appearance: 09/06/2017

Continuing Bungie’s successful online FPS, Destiny 2 invites players and their Guardians once again to fight a new evil and army, the Red Legion.

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