Destiny 2: The microtransactions cause displeasure among the players

Update (09/08/2017): Bungie’s Luke Smith, Director of Destiny 2, commented on this on Twitter, but disagrees with the players and describes the hunt for shaders as part of the endgame.

“Shaders are earned by playing: level up, boxes, engrams, vendors. We reckon that you will have enough shaders if you keep playing,” he writes.

“If you reach level 20, you will find shaders more often: As a reward from vendors while you are on the scene and in endgame activities. Shaders are now a constant reward for playing. Customization will inspire the gameplay. Each planet has unique Armor and shader rewards. “

“With Destiny 2, we want statements like ‘I want to do the raid, the trials, or go back to Titan to get more of these shaders,’” he explains.

Original message (07.09.2017): Microtransactions are back in Destiny 2, but some decisions by Bungie regarding this are currently causing displeasure among players.

A change in the shaders, which you could swap and use in Destiny 1 as you please, causes trouble. In Destiny 2, they are now consumable items and can only be used once.

Bungie didn’t point this out, players found out for themselves. In Destiny 2 you can get shaders through loot boxes from the Eververse Trading Comapny. For this you pay with in-game currency, which you first have to buy with real money.

In addition, it is criticized that the shop sells modifications that affect the gameplay. You can use them with weapons and armor, one modification, for example, lets you take more damage, another makes you faster.

Although these are only modifications of rare quality and after the campaign is over, you can purchase legendary modifications from the armorer, but you can still invest real money here for gameplay advantages.

The loot boxes (Bright Engram) meanwhile give you a random selection of items. You will receive a Bright Engram with every advancement up to level 20 and you can only buy silver when you have reached level 20.

A Bright Engram costs 200 silver and thus almost 2 euros, because you can buy 500 silver for 4.99 euros. Also available are 1,100 silver for 9.99 euros, 2,300 silver for 19.99 euros and 5,800 silver for 49.99 euros.

In addition, there is another currency with “Bright Dust” that can only be used in the Eververse Shop. You can sometimes get Bright Dust from a Bright Engram or when you dismantle items from it into individual parts.

All in all, however, the changes to the shaders cause the greatest dissatisfaction. For good reason. In Destiny 2 you can use shaders for individual armor parts, for example one for the breastplate and another for the helmet. Of course, players often want the complete set, but the problem is that you only get three shaders from a Bright Engram, for example, but four would be required for a complete armor set. Here the temptation is great to invest even more money to get more shaders.

The future will tell whether it will stay that way or whether Bungie will make adjustments afterwards.