Destiny 2 War Spirit – This is what the new expansion offers

The War Spirit DLC for Destiny 2 is here and here we give you a little overview of what awaits you in the latest expansion for Bungies Shooter. The test is in progress, but of course you can’t go from one loot drop to the next. Then at the beginning of next week. But here are a few facts so that you know what war spirit belongs to. You return to Mars, reach a new maximum level or go to the Leviathan one more time.

It is the second major DLC for Destiny 2, after the Curse of Osiris was released in early December 2017. While Curse of Osiris was more like the Dark Below DLC for the original Destiny, War Spirit has much more content to offer for the base game. Therefore, it is more reminiscent of the House of Wolves expansion for the original.

War Spirit was released worldwide on May 8, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Like curse of Osiris, the spirit of war is not free. If you want to have all the new content, you have to take some money into your hand. Remember: Anyone can play the new PvP maps, even without purchasing the expansion. You only need to have a war spirit if you want to host a private match with them yourself.

There are two ways to do this. Either you buy the expansion individually or you get the expansion pass for Destiny 2 right away. Whatever you choose, you need the main game. If you decide to buy it individually, you have to pay 19.99 euros. The extension pass costs 34.99 euros. Incidentally, PlayStation 4 players receive the exclusive (until at least autumn 2018) strike “Terminus der Aufsicht” and can earn an exclusive armor set for each class.

Destiny 2: Warrior Spirit – Mars Story

Every new expansion for Destiny 2 includes a brand new single-player campaign for you to play – it’s no different with Kriegsgeist. Players will travel to Mars for the first time in Destiny 2 for the War Spirit Campaign. Below you can see screenshots of the two opening missions of War Spirit that will take you back to Mars.

Destiny 2: Warrior Spirit – Pilgrimage Story Mission

The main story in the War Spirit expansion for Destiny 2 is about the war spirit Rasputin, one of the great villains of the original Destiny. This time he has just awakened from a long sleep on Mars and an entire Hive Legion is at his service. You are therefore traveling to the Hellas Basin region to put Rasputin in his place. You will also meet Ana Bray, who was believed to be lost for a long time.

Destiny 2: Warrior Spirit – Story Mission Ice and Shadow

Below is the full map of the Hellas Basin region on Mars, where most of the War Spirit expansion for Destiny 2 takes place. Near the bottom right of the screen you can see a number with data collected on Mars. There was no such counter in the main game. And if the counter from the Taken King expansion for Destiny 1 is an indicator of what Destiny 2 has to offer, collecting all the data could reward you with a rare, exotic item.

Destiny 2: Martial Spirit – Maximum level increase

As in the Curse of Osiris expansion in December, the level cap will be increased with the War Spirit, and the power level cap will also increase. The level of Guardian that can be achieved through experience points increases from 25 to 30, so you can go up five additional levels before your experience points are used again to receive rewards from Tess at the Eververse Trading Company.

As for your Guardian’s Power Level, things are a little more complicated. The War Spirit DLC introduces a new power level limit of 380, but you can reach a power level of 385 by using weapon and armor modifications.

There are also big changes to how you get gear in the War Spirit DLC. All blue / rare items have a maximum level of 340. And all content from endgame activities, for example strikes, raid tracts or the Leviathan raid, receive a buff. Therefore, it will be easier for you to reach the maximum possible power level of 385.

Destiny 2: Martial Spirit – New Strikes

The War Spirit DLC for Destiny 2 also includes two brand new Strikes called Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands. You can see several screenshots of the strange terrain strike below.

To round off all of the brand new features of the War Spirit Expansion for Destiny 2, a brand new public event awaits you on Mars. You can also see some screenshots below.

Of course, you will get thematically suitable equipment for the expansion and with the Valkyrie a new relic weapon. In the new ritual activity, you fight against ever-growing waves of flocks in order to receive new rewards every week.

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