According to Cowen & Company (in conversation with GameSpot), Bungie should announce Destiny 3 this year and launch the game in 2020. According to the research company (which will pass it on to investors), the break with Activision may give more space for the developer to focus on their brands.

Apparently, Activision was charging a lot of big releases every year from Bungie, which took away the creative focus of working better and the way he would like in his intellectual properties. If Cowen & Company is correct, this failure to charge may give Bungie relief.

“Finally, we think that the decision is probably the best thing for Destiny as a franchise, since we think that two chefs in the same kitchen that have different views in a certain way, ended up leading to some problems with the development process and took the game to some dead ends, ”said Cowen & Company. So, will Destiny 3 come next year or is it too early?

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