Destiny also to PlayStation 4

Eric Hershberg (Activison CEO), Jason Jones (Co-Founder and Project Leader at Bungie) and Herald Ryan (President of Bungie) have confirmed that Destiny will be playable on PlayStation 4. Last week, the studio unveiled its ambitious project for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and “next-gen consoles.” Now the latter is concrete. It remains to be seen whether the successor of the Xbox 360 can also add this game to its library.

The developer wondered what they were after Halo were going to do. “How do we turn the first-person shooter genre back on its head? With Destiny, we offer a permeated online world, customizable characters and cooperative gameplay that will blow you away,” said Jones. “This will be the first shared-world shooter.”

Ryan explained that Destiny can be experienced on multiple platforms. “It’s an online, connected experience. Like the PlayStation 4, it uses a variety of devices and provides years of enjoyment.” Destiny is therefore coming for both the PS3 and the PS4 and PlayStation users will receive exclusive game parts.