Destiny: Guardians is the version of Destiny 2 for South Korea

Bungie will release a new version of Destiny 2 for South Korea called Destiny: Guardians.

Destiny: Guardians will arrive exclusively on PC on September 5, and will feature all the content published so far for the game, including the Forsaken expansion that will be released later that month, according to the Korean esports website Naver Sports.

It will also include a new merchant that will offer microtransactions and that has been specially designed for this version. Her name is Yuna, and through her you can use the Eververse service and get more experience points, weapons and armor in exchange for real money.

The Youtuber xHOUNDISHx, specializing in Destiny 2, states that during the presentation event Bungie said that the equipment that will be offered in the Guardians Eververse will be “of the highest level”, something that does not happen in the western version.

That’s why, according to the video, Destiny: Guardians will use separate, dedicated servers for the South Korean version. Thus, European and American players will not encounter Guardians users.

The Destiny: Guardians introduction also references the Festival of the Lost, a temporary promotional event that appears to be returning to Destiny 2 in October to celebrate Halloween.

Future content coming to the game will be released in Destiny 2 and Guardians at the same time.

You can see gameplay of the Gambit mode of this version below.

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