Destroy All Humans! Remake is the latest game announced by THQ

During today’s broadcast, THQ Nordic announced the third and final game of E3 2019: it’s nothing short of a remake of Destroy All Humans !, a classic from the PS2 and Xbox era that made many people happy in the sixth generation of consoles. .

For those who have never played anything in the series, it is a game with a more arcade feel in which we control an alien who wants to decimate the entire human race on planet Earth. And, as you might imagine, your goal is quite chaotic and full of destruction. Check out the trailer:

The protagonist’s initial goals are to overthrow the US government and collect several DNA samples in the 1950s, which makes everything even more interesting. The alien has many funny weapons, such as the Probe gun and the weapon that disguises him as a human to infiltrate the government and exploit the weaknesses of democracy.

Destroy All Humans! is expected to arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC and the release date is 2020 – but still with no date yet.