Destruction All Stars to be given on February PS Plus

Destruction All Stars is a PS5 exclusive

Destruction All Stars will be one of the first exclusive games in the PlayStation 5, but it will not arrive this year as they had confirmed. According to the game director, the main objective of the team is to make the title popular on the new console of Sony, therefore decided to postpone its launch and offer in the service of PS Plus February (2021) for a period of two months.

The game consists of a very entertaining combat between vehicles, that is, reminding a little of the collisions of the Rocket League when blowing up the companion. Check out the comment of Pete Smith, director of the game, on the official PlayStation Blog.

“This is a multiplayer game that is much nicer when you have other players online to play along. We wanted as many people as possible to experience the madness on PS5, what better way to offer the game to our PlayStation Plus members? ”

In addition, the Lucid Games, responsible for the development of the game, promised more news and information soon. Watch the official announcement trailer below.

See the trailer below:

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