If you’ve read our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided review, you’ll know how much we enjoyed Adam Jensen’s return to PC and consoles. The work done by Eidos Montreal has involved and conquered us, pushing us to reward the title with a very positive evaluation.

It has been out for some time System Rift, an interesting DLC ​​that seeks to expand both the storyline and gameplay of the original Campaign in one fell swoop. This time Adam accepts an assignment from an old acquaintance and if you have played Human Revolution, you will surely remember Frank Pritchart, with whom you briefly dealt with even in the early stages of Mankind Divided.

Adam’s old partner has become a mercenary hacker and asks his old friend for help to complete a particularly difficult mission. Frank needs some data stored in the Palisade Bank headquarters in Prague, a building equipped with the latest generation of security systems. Adam has repeatedly shown that he can infiltrate almost anywhere, which is why he is contacted by his former colleague.

As per tradition for the titles of the saga, even this DLC of Deus Ex can be completed in many different ways and depending on the one chosen you can take more or less time. As a guideline, following the stealth line (the one chosen in our run), you will complete your mission in about 4 hours.

To access the DLC, all you have to do is select it from the menu from the Jensen Stories menu.

A not very long playing time, which thanks also to some new gameplay turns out to be of great quality. The most interesting novelty is certainly the one involving the safety systems, now able to perceive the temperature increase caused by Adam’s passage.

It is therefore not enough to equip oneself with the inevitable optical camouflage to circumvent security, but it is necessary to thoroughly study the paths to follow and, possibly, try to move as quickly as possible. This simple change, combined with a level design that pushes a lot on the verticality and width of the explorable areas, makes System Rift an enjoyable experience from every point of view.

Particularly interesting is also the integration to the main gameplay of the virtual universe of the Breach mode, which we missed in the Mankind Divided Campaign. After reaching a specific point of the DLC, in fact, you can take advantage of the virtual world to your advantage, in one of the most cyberpunk experiences of recent years.

This DLC also manages to partially deepen the already excellent characterization of some characters, especially Adam and Frank. Their relationship, poised between respect and disapproval, is well underlined by the dialogues between those directly involved. Too bad that the same cannot be said of the treatment reserved to Shadowchild, a character just sketched and, moreover, represented through a rough and approximate polygonal model.

The security systems of the Palisade are quite difficult to bypass.

Before facing the DLC you will have the opportunity to spend 13 Praxis points, useful for buying new upgrades and preparing Adam properly. Among the upgrades there is also some news, but nothing particularly incisive.

In our case we have chosen to maximize the skills related to infiltration and hacking, in order to better manage the difficulties caused by the complex security systems within the environments.

System Rift is a good DLC that manages to introduce interesting innovations in the gameplay of Mankind Divided, giving a glimpse of what we can expect from the next chapter of the series dedicated to Adam Jensen. Too bad for the price of about 12 euros, excessive compared to the offer.

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