Devil May Cry 5: The Special Edition will not be released for PC, fans express frustration on Steam

  • Capcom has no plans to release Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition on PC
  • Only Virgil as a playable character comes to the PC
  • PC fans are not very happy about this

Capcom does not bring the special edition of Devil May Cry 5 to the PC and thus draws the displeasure of the fans, which is expressed in negative reviews on Steam.

The special edition announced this week will – as of now – only be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, on the PS5 it is available as a launch title.

Virgil is there as a playable character, who at least comes to all platforms, including the PC. However, this does not apply to the other new content and technical improvements.

These include the Legendary Dark Knights modes (you have to deal with many opponents at the same time) and Turbo (the gameplay runs 20 percent faster), as well as ray tracing support.

“The Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition was specially developed and optimized to use the system architecture and the leap in performance of PS5 and Xbox Series X,” said a Capcom spokesman for SamaGame. “So we are focusing on these platforms. There are currently no plans to release DMC5SE on PC.”

Capcom’s producer Matt Walker states on the PlayStation Blog that the Special Edition runs at 120 frames per second, provided you have a compatible TV or screen.

Also load the game “incredibly fast” on the PS5 and use the new 3D audio function.

“Just wait until you get into a situation where you have a bunch of hellbats around you,” he says. “You can use their screams to determine exactly where everyone is depending on the position of the camera.”

As I said, the decision makes fans less happy with a PC, although it comes as no surprise to Reddit user RdJokr1993: “Anyone who knows Capcom’s PC history knows very well that the PC is not their priority,” writes RdJokr1993. “The DmC Definitive Edition was only released on PS4 / X1, while the PC did not receive the update (although the Definitive Edition was a significantly bigger upgrade than the Special Editions of the main games). The DMC franchise has generally always been second to none Capcom’s other big money maker: Resident Evil. “

“Capcom might spend a little more money on RE on PC, but DMC always gets sloppy implementations, sometimes nothing. They clearly can’t find a way to charge PC gamers additional fees for the next-gen upgrade, that the consoles will get, so it’s not worth the effort of upgrading them. “

And also on Steam, where the game actually has positive reviews, the first people leave negative reviews for this reason.

“I loved this game, but today, on the day that Nvidia released the new GPUs specializing in ray tracing, I found out that Capcom only released Vergil and not the SE upgrades on PC,” writes FrozenHollowFox on Steam . “Save the money and don’t buy it unless it changes.”

Says Archie, “It’s unfair that PC gamers don’t get a chance to take advantage of these new features and objectively get an inferior product.”

“I love this game, don’t buy it,” says SinkingSage. “Unless Capcom stops treating us like dirty second-class citizens who, despite overwhelming fan support for the game on PC and two years of free advertising on all of our combo videos and mod showcases, are not getting a special edition. I can don’t believe that as a good customer I bought all of the DLC for this game only to get a slap in the face. “

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