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Date confirmed!

Through the official profile of the series on Twitter, Capcom confirmed that Devil May Cry really reaches the Western owners of Switch on June 25th. The game has already won an official page in the eShop and will cost US $ 19.99 in the United States – so far, there is no forecast if it will arrive at the official Nintendo store for Brazil.

#ThrowbackThursday to the first Devil May Cry title screen that kicked off this revered game series! #DevilMayCry launches digitally on #NintendoSwitch on June 25th for just $ 19.99. Let’s rock baby!

– Devil May Cry 5 (@DevilMayCry) June 20, 2019

Original news

Switch owners, you will have the first Devil May Cry available from the next 25th (next Tuesday). This is the information listed by eShop, Nintendo’s online store, in Europe and Australia. In Japan, according to the listings, the game comes out on the 27th.

Remember that Devil May Cry will be available in the Nintendo hybrid only in digital form. The amount, as already estimated, will be US $ 19.99. The title requires 9.2GB of free space on the console’s storage.

Capcom must ratify this information at any time. So, ready to relive (or live for the first time) Dante’s debut? Tell us here in the comments.

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