Dex available for Nintendo Switch

The physical edition of Dex for Nintendo Switch in stores in Spain! A new game from Red Art Games that permeates the screen with cyberpunk aesthetics and lots of action.

You will play as a mysterious blue-haired girl named Dex, who is hunted by a powerful organization with the aim of taking away her unique abilities. Explore the mystical and futuristic streets of Harbor Prime without limits in this dystopian world. Uncover conspiracies and plots, forge alliances and fight your enemies in this adventure to end the system.

The world of Dex is designed as a tribute to the neo-noir and cyberpunk genres through a deep story, dark atmosphere and unique characters. This game will remind you of classic 2D action platformers, as well as mixing RPG elements with interactive dialogues and real-time combat. Customize the skills of your character and your team to suit your play style: take out your enemies from the shadows, shoot your way, use your persuasion and diplomacy or hack devices and fight from a distance in cyberspace. Cross the line between humans and cyborgs and equip yourself with augments that will give you superhuman abilities and blaze new trails in Harbor Prime in the style of the classic Metroidvania.

Main features

  • RPG mechanics mixed with 2D action.
  • Nonlinear history developed in an open cyberpunk world.
  • Intriguing and deep plot with neo-noir atmosphere.
  • Dialogues with multiple choices and different results.
  • Various styles of play. Stealth, direct combat, diplomacy, hacking, or a mix of all.
  • Various customization options. Choose your equipment, your skills and even your cybernetic implants to blaze new trails in the city.
  • Unique hack mechanic that will allow you to immerse yourself in cyberspace.

You can find more information in the following LINK.