This is a first in the luxury industry. The Dior Beauty brand has abandoned social networks for a campaign carried by K-pop singer Jisoo and deployed on the instant messaging application WhatsApp.

The goal? Offer a different and ever more personalized experience to its community.

Communicate and build loyalty other than on social networks

Technologies have long been at the service of fashion to help it increase your community and at the retain but also to offer client experience of a new kind.

This will happen in the near future through further exploration of metaverses, more connected shops and hyper-personalization.

In any case, this was revealed by a recent report presented by McKinsey and The Business of Fashion. The Dior Beauty brand has already taken a step towards these new challenges by launching the very first luxury campaign on WhatsApp in partnership with one of its global ambassadors, Jisoo.

Simple and accessible, the concept has enabled as many people as possible to access personalized content behind the scenes of Jisoo’s role as ambassador, on the brand and on the product at the center of this innovative campaign: the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick. The campaign was accessible through the luxury house’s Instagram Stories through which Jisoo directly invited users to join its “exclusive WhatsApp group”.

The concept could inspire other luxury houses

Everyone had the opportunity to Choose contents that he wished to receive and could access the brand’s new lipsticks via links in order to purchase them.

This Dior Beauty campaign could mark a turning in the way brands interact with their community (outside social networks) in order to offer an experience always more innovative, interactive and personalized.

DIOR Beauty launches an unprecedented WhatsApp campaign

This is the first time a brand has used WhatsApp to provide Instagram communities with exclusive influencer content and personalized stories.

Instagram access to four days of totally exclusive content and a collaboration with the muse on the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick campaign via WhatsApp. Dior collaborated with the cloud platform to offer this innovative omnichannel experience. It is indeed the first time that a brand has used WhatsApp to create the exclusivity of entering into conversation with a brand ambassador.

Consumers are invited, where Jisoo invited the community to “join his exclusive WhatsApp group”. Following this, people are directed to a dedicated web page where they must register to access Jisoo’s unreleased content via the WhatsApp chatbot before the launch of the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick. Members choose the type of content they want to receive, from themed videos to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Jisoo’s life as a Dior ambassador. They will also receive exclusive links to purchase the new Dior Addict Shine lipstick, as well as personal access to the brand’s new Instagram filter.

Allowing Dior to build a series of conversations with Jisoo and automated journeys with the implementation of the chatbot. The channel enables rich conversations, which means communication can include images, videos, files, web links, audios, and buttons to bring messages to life and keep customers engaged.

Here’s an example of how luxury and technology must work together to deliver innovative experiences on the channels our customers love. “Using WhatsApp has allowed us to think outside the box in terms of how we engage with our Instagram community, giving them the ability to chat with Jisoo like they would a friend and giving them the power to choose what content they want to see next.” Arthur Poulain, Digital Innovation & Strategic Planning Manager at DIOR.

Create customer journeys with WhatsApp

68% of WhatsApp users think it’s the easiest way to connect with businesses. Messaging connects with your customers throughout their journey through promotional messages, helpful notifications, and ongoing support on the app 2B users use daily. It is not that difficult to increase the satisfaction of your customers. 64% of people prefer messaging to a call or email. WhatsApp lets you easily chat with customers in 180 countries and 60 different languages.

This helps engage customers with interactive multimedia messages and let them know about your latest promotions, in-stock items, or offers they shouldn’t miss.

Dior signs the first influence campaign on WhatsApp

The community. This term is now a key element within all brands wishing to communicate with their consumers. On social networks, these companies have been able to create their own and make sure to bring it to life through new content, product releases or even collaborations with influencers. But we must now go even further to succeed in standing out and arousing the curiosity of these users who most often remain passive.

So the beauty branch of Dior took the lead. This May, the brand has teamed up with international content creator Jisoo. She has nearly 61 million followers on Instagram. However, it is not really on this platform that the campaign they have decided to lead together will take place. The project will be visible on WhatsApp. This is the first time that a brand has imagined a partnership with an influencer on the messaging app. What was thought? What are they going to do together?

Dior on WhatsApp with an influencer

On Instagram, Jisoo spoke in stories. She called on her community to join a freshly created group on WhatsApp. This chan will be animated for several days by the content creator with exclusive publications. The objective is to highlight the Dior Addict Shine lipstick. Users who answered present can have access to behind the scenes of the campaign or to videos related to the product. Web links are also shared to allow this community to buy what is presented and to go to the sales pages. Small quizzes are also designed to try to personalize the messages sent as well as possible.

The brand can thus follow conversions, have access to a chatbot as well as other very useful tools for managing the campaign. “Using WhatsApp has allowed us to think outside the box in terms of how we engage with our Instagram community, giving them the ability to chat with Jisoo like they would a friend and giving them the power to choose the content they want to see next”, Arthur Poulain, Digital Innovation & Strategic Planning Manager at Dior. For the moment, no figures on the campaign have been revealed.

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