David Jaffe, the director of the first God of War (2005), is experiencing a major change of scenery. After performing in Twisted Metal and kicking the Kratos saga, Jaffe is working on a single player horror game.

The director said via Twitter that he is betting on a new way of telling stories: “I am writing something new in the last few days. It is a horror game for a player who tries to bring something into the narrative and I am loving it.”

Been staring at this all morning; in super procrastination mode.I hate it.

Sometimes it just means my brain’s busy working out and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Other times it means I’m a lazy .

Still hard for me to know which type of procrastination I’m dealing with: /. pic.twitter.com/fwZyWSzo8B

– David Jaffe (@davidscottjaffe) April 9, 2019

A photo from one of the script’s pages reveals a little bit of the concepts: supernatural elements, like ancient gods, a clan of witches and demonic possessions that happen in a psychiatric hospital are present. Despite being excited about the idea, Jaffe said that the project is not tied to any studio and has no funding so far.

David Jaffe is best known for having served as director of the first God of War and sharing the direction of the second game in the saga with Cory Barlog, but his first project was Twisted Metal, released in 1995 for the PlayStation. In 2017 he released Drawn to Death, a third-person shooter that did not achieve expressive results, which resulted in the closure of his indie studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.

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