Director reveals that Anthem has entered its Alpha development state

With a launch scheduled for February 2019, Anthem has just reached an important stage in its development. Last Tuesday (25), director Casey Hudson revealed that the title reached its Alpha testing stage, a confirmation that was accompanied by a letter in which he remembered his story on BioWare.

Hudson joined the developer in 1998, when she had less than 50 people and worked on Baldur’s Gate, an RPG that would later establish its quality brand. He says he saw something special about the game and was excited about his potential, the same feeling he has 20 years later with Anthem.

Shared experience

“BioWare games have always been about a shared experience – be it with other fictional characters or other players – and somehow, the ideas of immersing players in the Anthem universe make things much more real,” says Hudson.

“With all the important pieces in the game, we can go on to fix the bugs, tests and make adjustments – which results in an incredible amount of work for a game of this size. We have ambitious plans for the release and after, and we really want to do it right. We will have news soon, about when you will know more and test Anthem ”, added the director.

“With all the important pieces in the game, we can go on to fix bugs, tests and make adjustments”

Anthem is the first game from BioWare to truly embrace the “games as a service” model, offering a cooperative online universe with daily missions and content that changes over time. With versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the game must have a closed Beta for those who make their prior purchase.