Disney announces ambitious sandbox game: Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive has announced an ambitious new title that will battle Skylanders’ success. Disney Infinity is a sandbox game where you buy action figures of famous Disney characters, which you bring ‘into’ the game itself by means of Augmented Reality.

Initially, players can purchase starter packs containing Sulley from Monsters, Inc., Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles and Jack Sparrow, excuse me, ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Each character has their own world to discover, based on the films from which they originate. These so-called Playsets each have different gameplay, which you can all play co-op with four players.


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17 different characters will be available at launch, including characters from Toy Story, Cars, Nightmare Before Christmas and Phineas and Ferb. You put the figures on the supplied ‘Infinity Base’, after which you can use them in the game. By putting ‘Power Discs’ on it you can make your characters stronger.

By playing the games you unlock all kinds of extras, including new content for the Toy Box mode. In it, players can build their own worlds and vehicles, and share them online with others.

Disney’s chief creative officer and Toy Story creator John Lasseter was at first against the idea of ​​a crossover game. He didn’t like the fact that characters were picked from their own worlds and brought together just like that. Until developer Avalance Software said, “But what if you play with toy versions of the characters? Then you’re like Andy from Toy Story. Andy sits in his room filled with all kinds of different toys and creatively brings them together.” In doing so, they convinced Lasseter that the game would be worth it.

Disney Infinity will be released in June for Nintendo Wii, Wii U and 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and “mobile devices.”

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