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DJ Marshmello will perform on Fortnite

DJ Marshmello will perform on Fortnite

The next event in Fortnite is nothing less than a performance by pop artist Marshmello. The EDM DJ will be performing Saturday at Pleasant Park, a well-known location on the Fortnite map. The stage where Marshmello will show his DJ skills is currently being built in-game.

Epic Games once again shows its creativity with a new Fortnite event. After major in-game events like The Mystery of Kevin the Purple Cube and the explosion of a giant floating ice ball, a real concert is now on the way. EDM DJ Marshmello, who won the VIP event at E3 earlier this year along with Ninja, already has the in-game performance at Pleasant Park on his tour list.

The Pleasant Park location was chosen because of the presence of an American Football field. That is where, literally at the moment, a stage is being built.

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