DOOM Eternal is coming this year. After a delay, the game is now scheduled to launch on March 20 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. The good news is that the game is twice as big as the 2016 DOOM, not to mention more varied gameplay, thanks to the increase in platform sections.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, ID Software’s creative director, Hugo Martin, also pointed out that DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer can shock fans by depth. He compared that to the game of chess.

“Well, I shouldn’t say that. With multiplayer, we learned that they want ID to lead and not follow. They thought our multiplayer was a solid remix of many of the things they’ve played. This is not good enough for fans of id games. And so, with this multiplayer, we really try to do just that, innovate and do something they’ve never seen before, but it still feels completely Doom, and like the single-player Doom Eternal experience that they love.

We are very proud of it and we are excited for fans to try it out. I think they will be shocked by the depth. On the surface, it may look like checkers, but when you get your hands on it, you realize it’s more like chess. ”

DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer, called BATTLEMODE, features two players as demons against a fully equipped DOOM Slayer in a best match of five rounds. At launch there will be six maps and five demons to choose from.

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