SuperData shared his monthly report, revealing that Doom Eternal sold 3 million digital units in March 2020. According to the company, this is three times the figure for Doom’s sales (957K) during its launch in May 2016.

The company also noted that since Doom Eternal is primarily a single-player game, it will likely have a shorter revenue period than other multiplayer shooters, which monetize through the regular sale of in-game content.

Speaking of multiplayer games, SuperData claims that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare saw a 159% (month-over-month) increase in monthly active user numbers thanks to Warzone. Therefore, COD: MW reached an all-time high of 62.7 million players.

On the other hand, Half-Life: Alyx it was a great success considering the standards of exclusive VR titles. Half-Life Alyx had 860,000 players in March 2020. The game also had a limited audience, as the installation base for compatible VR headsets was under 4 million at the end of 2019. Alyx’s direct purchases generated $ 40.7 million in revenue. In addition, hundreds of thousands of free copies of the game have been bundled with VR devices, to increase interest in virtual reality.

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Source: DSOGaming.

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