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Doom Eternal the first game with Denuvo Anti-Cheat

Doom Eternal the first game with Denuvo Anti-Cheat

Denuvo Anti-Cheat went to Doom Eternal.


  • the PC version of Doom Eternal received support for the Denuvo Anti-Cheat anti-cheat protection – this is the first game to use this solution;
  • security requires the driver to be installed in the system kernel, but it only works when the production is running (monitoring is limited to multiplayer mode);
  • The patch introducing the system to the game also includes a number of other fixes (these are also available on consoles).
  • The company Irdeto – responsible for the well-known anti-piracy protection Denuvo – announced that tonight in the PC version of the shooter Doom Eternal her next product debuted. I am talking about a system used to fight Denuvo Anti-Cheat cheatears. The authors of the program also presented the general principles of its operation.

    Denuvo Anti-Cheat installs the driver at the kernel level of the operating system (which is a concern some users). It remains on your computer until you uninstall the game associated with it (in the case of copies purchased through the Bethesda.net platform, you will need to manually uninstall the application in Windows settings). The program’s developers ensure that it runs – and, importantly, closes – along with the production it works with (as opposed to the known system from the shooter Valorant).

    It is also worth noting that the actual monitoring is carried out only when using the multiplayer mode. The creators of the security also informed that it does not collect any additional information about users (the solution is fully GDPR compliant), does not scan system files, does not take screenshots and does not stream code from the Internet. The application, however, collects information about the interaction between the operating system and the game, which is then sent to the servers operated by Amazon.

    The patch that he introduced to the Doom Eternal this security also includes a number of other amendments – it comes, among others o slight changes in the balance of the game (e.g. reduction of damage taken while swimming), improvement of gameplay (the possibility of performing the so-called vertical Dash in water has been added). A number of problematic bugs have also been fixed and the overall optimization of the game has been improved. You can read the full list of changes at this address.

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