DOOM Eternal | There will be no microtransactions or in-game store

DOOM Eternal is scheduled to arrive in March, but fans will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that FPS is taking a different approach to microtransactions. Specifically, there will be none as well as no in-game stores. When it comes to unlocking new content, creative director Hugo Martin has confirmed that everything is done via gameplay.

Taking to Facebook, Martin explained that DOOM Eternal will offer several skins and cosmetics to defeat the Doom Slayer, but you can buy all of it using in-game experience points. He also clarified that any cosmetics you equip will have zero impact on gameplay. It looks ideal for a first person shooter.

“Eternal is a $ 60 game,” wrote Martin. “It is not a free game to play or a mobile game – we are offering a complete in-store experience, as you would expect.”

DOOM Eternal arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.