Download MIUI 12 when it is available for your Xiaomi mobile with this simple application

A new app makes it easier to download the latest version of MIUI for Xiaomi mobiles. Track official, Chinese and global servers, and locate updates in beta and also stable. The application is perfect for finding the latest version of MIUI 12 for Xiaomi mobiles.

Almost all owners of a Xiaomi mobile phone are waiting for an update, MIUI 12. After presenting the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition, and after downloading the first Chinese beta and even adaptations from, the process Towards the release of the stable version started. And there is a new way to access latest versions of MIUI: MIUI 12 Downloader, a new beta app already available on Google Play.

MIUI 12 Downloader, the application that downloads updates

This new application is still in « early access » or beta on the Google Play Store, but it works correctly according to our tests: it accesses Xiaomi servers, allows you to download the latest update and suitable for finding stable and beta ROMs. Of course, that doesn’t do too much magic, as « this only » works as a direct platform to access the download, which can be found by following the specialist forums. However, this can speed up the download process and also provide immediate access to MIUI 12 update as soon as it becomes available.

MIUI 12 Downloader allows you to check for MIUI 12 update for your Xiaomi device. To do this, you must choose your mobile from the upper drop-down list (in ‘Select’) and select it. Once this step is completed, you have two options: ‘Beta rom« , The latest MIUI beta update (12 in this case), and »ROM stable‘, the last stable update (for now it’s MIUI 11). You should know that Xiaomi has reduced the updates in development outside of China, so all beta will be Chinese and no way you can install them unless you unlock the bootloader from your Xiaomi mobile.

With the app you can download the latest beta and stable ROM directly to your mobile. It’s faster than searching forums because MIUI 12 Downloader automatically selects the most suitable download. Although yes, it does not install them: this process must be done manually. Both perform a manual update from MIUI settings (place the Zip on the root of the storage and go to the updates menu) and flash the Zip from a custom recovery (it is mandatory to unlock the loader startup, a process that involves risks and days to wait for Xiaomi’s approval).

Demand seems positive for its ability to makes it easy to download the latest updates, before they even reach the phone in OTA form. MIUI 12 Downloader is free, includes ads, and is still in beta. However, it works as expected.

Source: Frandroid