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It seems that Google is this week of silly mistakes, First it was with the new update of Google Reader, which gave more failures than a cane shotgun, today it was the turn of the Gmail application and this time it was the turn of the Android Market, which inexplicably gives you the option to download own Market application from himself.

This paradox can be seen if we enter the Androidify application and look at the left section More from developer, in which we will see said application listed next to Google Maps.

We can see how he does not even have the rating stars under the name of the developer, and if we try to enter their application page, we will find a beautiful Not Found, although it is clear that we do not want to install it. A possible explanation for such a dilemma may be the recent rumors that Android applications can be installed on other platforms, and for this it is necessary to download the Android Market itself, but in any case it would not make total sense.

I have looked at the mobile version and not listed, nor in those related to Androidify, nor in the search engine itself, so although it most likely does not mean anything at all, we will be attentive to inform you as soon as possible about any news that may be related to this.

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