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Dragon Ball FighterZ is electrifying fun that doesn’t age

Dragon Ball FighterZ is electrifying fun that doesn’t age

Dragon Ball FighterZ celebrates 3 years of life today and despite the divergent stances on the use of additional paid fighters as a way to prolong the useful life of a fighting game, there is no doubt that the work of Arc System Works remains electrifying and delicious. Released on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (later for Nintendo Switch), Dragon Ball FighterZ is an adrenaline rush that after these years is still incredibly fun.

The arrival of new characters, in seasons of content, has allowed over the years to keep the most dedicated entertained to discover the secrets on how to use them, while the more casual continue to enjoy immediate gratification. Dragon Ball FighterZ is designed in a highly astute way and although the characters are all controlled in a very common way, they are all different and require exploration.

In addition, the constant promotions have already made it possible to buy Dragon Ball FighterZ for less than € 12, often for less than € 20 with the 8 extra characters from the first FighterZ Pass, which helps keep the game appealing to new players in the long run, which continue to fill the servers. However, I am already getting ahead because in this commemorative article of the 3 years of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s life from Bandai Namco and Arc System Works, what I most want to praise is how the original work is still brilliant and unique, with layers added throughout of the years that make explosive and frantic gameplay all the more glorious.

Retrieving the analysis written by Jorge Loureiro in January 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ is described as “it seems to be a dream come true” and also as “a competent fighting game with all the eccentricities of Dragon Ball. It is the game that fans deserve and for which they waited so long! ” Yes, as Loureiro described 3 years ago, FighterZ is a game that we deserve and there is no doubt that those responsible for the eccentric and electrifying Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, approached the Dragon Ball property with a huge thirst for triumph.

In addition to huge easter eggs, the faithfulness of the movements, the way they were recreated and those that were recreated make this an exceptional job. Especially since the Dragon Ball property is acclaimed worldwide by people of different age groups, which means creating a gameplay capable of winning fans of fighting games, but still allowing fun to those who have never played something similar and still love Goku.

This is the original cast in January 2018 (+ 3 unlockable characters)This is the cast in January 2021, with the FighterZ Pass 3 practically finished.

The charisma of characters like Goku, Gohan or Frieza (there are those who like villains!) Have won followers all over the world, but Arc System Works does more than leave their work to nostalgia, betting on an electrifying gameplay that can be explored with easy satisfaction, but with layers to explore for those who want to go beyond auto combos and get more control. There is no doubt that auto combos allow flashy sequences that end with an explosive attack very familiar to Dragon Ball fans. However, the Arc System Works pedigree was proven when they managed to go beyond that, introducing several mechanics that can be exploited to make total control over combos more rewarding.

This mold is what becomes instantly satisfying in a game like Dragon Ball FighterZ and has enabled it to come out as a timeless and brilliant game, capable of being among the best fighting games of the generation. Bearing in mind that it can be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, you can even transcend your generation as a unique and fun fighting game, able to please even after so many months after launch. With the same edition, without buying anything else and with the base cast, it is still possible to achieve immense fun. This is because, as mentioned, gameplay is king and graphics are the perfect match.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the perfect game for any fan of Akira Toriyama’s work, a fighting game of great visual spectacularity, in which you can get away easily using the hammering of buttons. This button-mashing allows you to trigger eye-catching combos and taking into account that you enter 3 vs 3 combats, you can even execute 3 specials simultaneously and create explosive partnerships, many of them unthinkable. This way, you see recreations of unforgettable and explosive special attacks like Kamehameha filling the screen with great fury, but before that you see the characters performing acrobatic movements as you saw in the anime.

It is this fidelity to the original material, whether in gameplay or visuals, that makes Dragon Ball FighterZ rise above everything else that has already been done on this property, together with how immediate and accessible the whole experience is. However, as already mentioned, hammering buttons takes you to a certain point and although auto-combos manage to take immense damage and get excited on the way to victory, a more patient player, able to adjust his ability to interpret and react to speed from the majestic chaos that 3 vs 3 fights become at this rate, you’ll be able to go further and get more control to prolong combos.

It is this management of this electrifying gameplay that allows Dragon Ball FighterZ to remain glorious, even after 3 years of the original release, as you feel that there is enough depth and freedom to go beyond auto-combos and start creating your own character combinations to prolong and diversify combos. It is a sensational management and totally framed with the gameplay itself, because no matter how frantic and fast it may be, if you dedicate yourself, the habit will allow you to gain muscle memory and reflexes fast enough to break free and start creating your ballet with Dragon Ball characters. It’s a totally different monster from 1 vs 1 games, with a totally different strategy, approach and way of being.

However, it is impossible to praise Dragon Ball FighterZ without mentioning the work that has been done since the game was released. This is a perfect example of the modern face of video games, an era in which the original edition is still alive after 3 years and does not require you to buy a new one. There is no Ultra Dragon Ball FighterZ or Super Dragon Ball FighterZ, the original edition still allows you to enjoy all the content, gameplay improvements and new features. You can spend more money on extra characters, divided into seasons on the FighterZ Pass, but you are not obliged. However, this is Bandai Namco’s way of keeping the game alive, of keeping Arc System Works working on Dragon Ball FighterZ instead of putting the project aside.

Dragon Ball’s popularity makes it conducive to receiving DLCs, but the Dragon Ball FighterZ case shows how the “give and take” concept applies to the relationship between the community and the creators. Dragon Ball FighterZ remains active and vibrant, supported by players who continue to buy the game in promotions and by veterans who want the new characters. This relationship supported by the financial support of the fans allows Dragon Ball FighterZ to stay alive and not be thrown aside. As I mentioned above, it is possible to buy the game for less than € 20 with 8 extra characters and the FighterZ Pass 2 and FighterZ Pass 3 (6 + 5 characters, respectively), can also be purchased in frequent promotions and you can even buy the characters separately, if you only want one specific.

Gogeta SSJ4 will be the 3rd character in Dragon Ball GT and the last in FighterZ Pass 3.

The original cast of 24 characters in January 2018 turned into a sensational cast of 42 characters, thanks to the extra 19 characters and Gogeta SSJ4 still needs to be covered, covering Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. The cast is of great quality and the most amazing thing is to think that some important names are still missing and worthy of presence. If we think that Street Fighter 4, the last great fighting game of a generation with the previous business model, received 4 editions in 5 years of life, this new mold has its benefits. Gameplay updates and news are free, with extra characters you can pay for and have. For me, this model brought energy because it allowed me to enjoy news and feel that I was playing a live and updated game, while waiting for promotions to buy the new characters.

These visuals that look more like interactive anime and stunning gameplay are explored in different game modes, through which Arc System Works maintains its traditional bet for Story Mode, supported by several other modes. Story Mode puts you in combat in a story told in several cinematics and although the design is not entirely satisfactory, there are fun moments. Arcade Mode is a personal addiction and allows you to connect the game for quick matches when there is little time to play, but the addiction persists. There are online modes, Vs modes and others that allow you to face players locally. More recently, Party Battle has been added in which 3 online players come together to face powerful opponents. It is a small way on the big picture, but it has become a very fun novelty.

It was difficult to miss the 3rd anniversary of Dragon Ball FighterZ and not mention it, especially since it is one of the games that I have played most often over the past three years. Be it on PS4, Nintendo Switch and now on PS5, I can’t resist enjoying this gameplay that vibrates with pure electricity, glorified by an admirable fidelity in the recreation of movements, lines and blows, without forgetting the great quality visuals that make watching a pleasure fighting. In the hands of the best players, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a spectacle in the form of chaos played by those who have reflexes to choreograph it. In the hands of the rest, it is an exciting fighting game that we easily have fun with.