Dragon Ball Super – This would be the release date of the new saga of the series

Last Friday the new chapter of the series of Dragon ball super, surprising fans around the world with the great ending of the saga of Moor. You missed out? Seriously? Well, you can now see it, totally free and legal, in the Manga Plus application, both in English and in Spanish. But wait, there’s more …

As many of you will know, after the premiere of the monthly episode of Dragon Ball Super, the Manga Plus application publishes the publication date of the next episode. And of course, that’s why we are here today, to mark that date in red on the calendar.

In fact, everything indicates that the next chapter of the work will serve as an epilogue for the Moro saga and a possible beginning for the new arc, establishing a great hook for the reader.

Thus, the fans can be very happy, because everything indicates that the new saga of Dragon Ball Super will premiere on December 20 at 4:00 p.m. Less than a month left! In addition, that same day, a few hours before, the franchise panel will take place at the Jump Festa, where great news about the brand will be revealed. Will it be a preview of this new saga or something bigger? We will be attentive, but it seems that December will be a wonderful month for fans of Dragon ball.

What did you think of the news? Did you know that the new Dragon Ball arc was announced next month? Would you like them to focus on a time frame beyond Akira Toriyama’s original manga or do you prefer that they continue to exploit the current universe of the series?

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Without further ado, we say goodbye until tomorrow, the day we will return with more Z deliveries in Hobby Consoles. Kai, Kai!