“The story has been changed and Champa is coming to Conton City.” This is the premise of the second DLC of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2. A premise that certainly triggered an alarm in the heads of the most attentive fans. Champa is in fact the God of Destruction of the universe 6 of DB but some know him as the (almost) twin brother of Beerus. The latter is a familiar face to fans, who had the pleasure of meeting him in the recent Dragon Ball Super saga and in the DBZ film: The Battle of the Gods.

The new chapter of the story sees the return of many protagonists of the main game, from Goku to Vegeta, Piccolo and Frost, the twin of Freeza from Universe 7.

This second expansion adds two new playable characters to the already extensive roster of the original game. The first, of course, is Champa himself. The second is Vados, an ethereal belonging to the race of Angels, as well as the teacher of Champa himself. The two newcomers have completely new movesets, but have decidedly different gameplay characteristics. The overweight rabbit-eared divinity is slow, but obviously more powerful than her curvy friend, who, however, has lightning-fast techniques even if a little too similar to each other. Both have special techniques, including the classic Energy Wave.

In addition to two new entries, the DB Super Pack 2 also adds a new piece of the Story mode, which once again has to do with the distortion of the timelines. Of course I leave it to you to find out “who” is involved in this short story arc, but expect a little surprise. The action takes place during the Tournament straddling Universes 6 and 7, which sees the most powerful fighters on the Nameless Planet face off. The original title is also enriched with a handful of new missions, while fans of collecting will rejoice at the arrival of new skins and an unreleased stage.

Among the extra-gameplay contents of this second DLC you will also find 3 new costumes, some new attacks and the space capsule as an additional vehicle.

From a technical point of view, the DLC in question, and the free update it brings with it, adds practically nothing to Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 except (perhaps) a slight improvement of some textures. The fluidity of the graphics engine remains the same. As for the actual gameplay, this second DLC doesn’t have a monstrous duration.

More experienced players won’t take more than a couple of hours to unlock everything. The purchase is therefore only recommended for the hardest and purest Dragon Ball fans, but if you have been looking forward to this new release to finally dust off Xenoverse 2, you will probably be a little disappointed. We hope that future DLCs bring a bit more “pulpy” content. The price of the DB Super Pack 2 is 7.99 Euros, but those who have purchased the Xenoverse 2 Season Pass can obviously download it for free.

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