Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gets trailer of shedding tears of nostalgia

If you can sense the danger and chaos to this day, know that Bandai Namco has prepared a new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to give those chills of nostalgia while presenting the news of their new game.

You can watch the trailer below, in Japanese. In addition to rescuing some iconic moments of the series, the video shows the gameplay that players will have when exploring the scenarios and even participating in various fights of the title that mixes action and RPG.

If you want to enjoy the occasion and watch some more action, Bandai Namco also brought a lot of gameplay during the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Vegeta’s original voice actor, Ryo Horikawa, participated in the event and even lent his voice for a few moments presentation.

Check it all out in the video below. The gameplay itself starts from the 20 minute mark.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for sometime in 2020. Recently, we heard that the game will feature canonical stories that were left out by the manga. The game will cover the arc between Raditz’s arrival and the end of Buu.