Dragon Quest movie available now on Netflix

Dragon Quest fans pay attention, because the film adaptation of Dragon Quest 5 on Netflix. It is called Dragon Quest: Your Story and can be viewed in various languages, including English, Japanese, French and German.

Dragon Quest 5 launched for the SNES in 1992 and also came to the Nintendo DS in 2009. Yet the fifth title in the series only got a film last year. Initially it was only released in Japan, but fortunately that is now changing.

It is not surprising that it took a year for the film to come to Netflix with us. Due to a copyright lawsuit between the film studio and writer Saori Kumi, the film got off to a bumpy start. Kumi wrote a novel about Dragon Quest 5 and found the film’s creator to use her work without permission. It has not yet been decided which of the two parties will be right.

Despite all this, the film launched on Netflix last Thursday. In it we follow the main character Luca. His mother has been kidnapped by the villain Ladja. The only way to save her from his clutches is to follow in his father’s footsteps and find the Zenithian Sword. That quest will undoubtedly lead to an exciting adventure.

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Article written by Glenn Nouws.