The arrival of 2020 has put down a copy protection system for both games, but luckily there is a way to get around the error.

Do you still remember Y2K, the huge hysteria of 20 years ago, when there were plenty of fears that computer systems would collapse by the year 2000? Fortunately, the world has just escaped in the end, and one would think we can no longer run into date bugs in 2020. Well, the situation is exactly the opposite.

Today, a lot of PC gamers are faced with the fact that Denuvo’s copy-protected Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and WWE 2K20 simply won’t boot on their machines. It’s pretty uncomfortable that Denuvo’s defense for these games wasn’t prepared for the miraculous 2020 calendar to follow after 2019, but of course there’s a solution to the mistake: if you reset the system time on your machines one day, so again December 31, 2019 PCs will show, then in principle both games will start again without any problems – at least that’s what many have reported.

It is interesting, by the way, that it is also protected by Denuvo No such error is observed for Monster Hunter World and Code Vein. A couple ran into a similar bug when starting Assassin’s Creed Origins, but the number of bug reports related to it is negligible. The patches that will fix the 2020 bug in question will certainly come soon.

  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, Adventure
  • Appearance: 11/15/2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, marked by the name Respawn (Titanfall), takes place shortly after the events of the Sith’s revenge, when Palpatine ordered the execution of Command 66, that is, they began to systematically exterminate the Jedi.