It was the Netherlands against the United States in the final of the Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Bram de Jonge took on the American James Evans in the final of the VGC, who overcame the Dutchman in two battles. Bram can be very proud of the performance he has delivered: you can only qualify for the final once in one go during your first world championship!

Dutchman Bram de Jonge has taken second place at the Pokémon Video Game Championships (VGC). The Dutchman, who took the title at a regional tournament in Malmö earlier this year, lost the Senior Region Final to American James Evans in two battles.

Bram competed in his first World Championship final with the following Pokémon: Bisharp, Blaziken, Tapu Bulu, Amoonguss, Mimikyu and Snorlax. Evans’ six Pokémon eventually beat Bram’s due to an early lead. For the entire contestant run, you can watch the video below:

Pokémon battles at a high level, always nice to see! You can view more Pokémon related content here at our Pokémon-themed Op de Redactie and PeterKoelewijn’s Pokémon feature!

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