An upcoming patch for Dying Light 2 will bring more enemies, missions, and bounties to players when it arrives with the game’s second chapter.

Kubica clarifies that each chapter of Dying Light 2 will bring “chapter agents, new missions, new bounties, a new ranking system, and rewards” while taking into account player feedback from the game’s first chapter.

“Chapters are a bit of a different thing. We always want chapters to be released regularly, to keep players coming back to the game,” Langier said. “We will be adding events that will have different unique rewards, but this content is here to stay. The agents – they’ll be here in five years – so Harper will still be there to offer his challenges.

“We want chapters to be as impactful as possible, and we want them to build on the game – but we also want them to be our way of responding to what players are saying about previous updates. “said Langier. “With the bulk of our team still primarily focused on the next update, the next big DLC, that introduces some challenges. We still want them to be regular, it’s just going to take time.

“to be more of a marathon runner”, and noted that the studio has been supporting the original Dying Light with updates for seven years.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: First Details on Chapter 2, A Huntress and a Hag, and New Agent

Dying Light 2’s next free expansion is revealed. It will introduce a new character who will give us “a very special task”.

While waiting for the first narrative DLC, for the moment planned before November, the developers have started to evoke Chapter 2, a second free expansion in the vein of In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner also coming between September and November. It will therefore be called A Huntress and a Hag, will be released alongside Patch 1.5 and will stage a new quest giver character, Shen Xiusaid The Huntress.

Meet Shen Xiu, aka the Huntress, our new Chapter Agent! Who is she ? Where is she from ? What is his activity in the city? For now, all players need to know is that this extremely skilled stalker and archery expert has a very special task for you. Will you become the hunter… or the prey? In the coming weeks.

Dying Light 2: the next chapter of Stay Human is revealed in pictures

The survival game Dying Light 2: Stay Human will soon add new in-game content, including a brand new agent for its second chapter.

The next chapter of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, entitled “A Huntress and a Hag” should be released in a few weeks with the game’s 1.5 update. For the occasion, a new agent named Shen Xiu will integrate the payasage of the survival game.

Chapter 2 of Dying Light 2 is revealed

A few more weeks before the arrival of the second chapter of Dying Light 2. Called “The Huntress and the Witch”, this one will plunge us into a new area with a new agent: Shen Xiu. An expert in art and a skilled tracker, Shen is the huntress and your main contact. As with the previous one, new bounties, missions, weapons and enemies will accompany the content. If the latter can give the impression of being only temporary, it is quite the opposite. Indeed, the chapters are thought of as being permanent, punctuated every three to four months.

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