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E-sports events 2021 – This happens at Fortnite, Dota 2, PUBG and Co.

E-sports events 2021 – This happens at Fortnite, Dota 2, PUBG and Co.

The first foot will already be in place in 2021 and with it a fresh season of e-sports. As in the previous year, there should be many challenges this time from the pandemic. In the coming months, the organizers in particular will again be required to be flexible and resourceful. After all, the companies were able to learn from last year and are better prepared for the second round of alternative esports. From event cancellations to online tournaments, there were many changes in everyday esports last year. There was cheering in front of the screens – alone or at best with roommates who were enthusiastic about gaming. Even for the athletes themselves there was often no audience or, in the worst case, not even a hall. Organizers take less money

With the current restrictions, offline events are not possible for the time being, but maybe that will change in the course of the year and fans can cheer on their favorite team again, at least regionally. So that you know what awaits you this e-sports year, SamaGame has put together a list of the most important e-sports games and their biggest events in a disordered order. This contains (as far as can be found) all information on the location, type and date of the event. Have fun while cheering – whether offline or online!

E-Sports Events 2021 Content

Overwatch – Grand Finals

With the current choice between online event or cancellation, Blizzard will opt for the compromise event and will retain its online format for this year’s Overwatch League season . OWL President Jon Spector found the monthly tournament cycles convincing and would like to implement a similar tournament structure in 2021. This time all 20 professional teams can make it to the playoffs. Those who are higher in the table receive advantages over teams that are worse off. Since the season doesn’t start until spring, the Grand Final could also be postponed. That gives Blizzard a little breathing space to get one step closer to their goal of bringing the teams together for the grand finale in a material hall.

If you need some Overwatch action before the season starts, you can stop by the new “Shock vs. World” event on February 19th and 20th . There, the former Overwatch champions from San Francisco Shock will defend their honor against a diverse team of former professional players and well-known community figures. In this fun event there will be several matches, tasks and mini-games in which challengers and defending champions compete.

Valorant – Champions Tour 2021

Published last year and already in the top e-sports lists. A big Champions Tour is to take place throughout the 2021 season , with teams from all over the world competing against each other in a 5v5 format. The regions Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia should be represented by their best teams. As in every international tournament, the winner is crowned the current world champion, celebrated and receives decent prize money.

The participating teams are determined through smaller tournaments in three different competitions. These are named “challenger”, “master” and “champion”, which build on each other. Already in Februarystart the Open Qualifiers. In the end, 16 teams qualify for the final tournament and fight for the crown in December. Long-term esports partners of Riot Games such as Red Bull or Secret Lab support the Valorant Champions Tour, even if the hope of offline events seems very small. Major international events are certainly not yet feasible towards the end of the year, but Riot’s e-sports director Whalen Rozelle is confident that at least regional events will be possible again in the course of the year. International events and tournaments are presumably broadcast online and watched comfortably from the sofa.

League of Legends – Worlds

Legends never die! MOBA fans can look forward to another world championship in 2021. Like last year, China will host the Worlds . Instead of Shanghai, the teams play in Wuhan this time. As talkesport reports, the Chinese were able to cope with large events well despite the pandemic. “Never change a running system” is probably the motto of Riot Games in this matter. There is no official date for this year’s Worlds . In recent years, the Worlds took place between September and October, a postponement or an online event is quite conceivable depending on the situation.

One of the biggest esports events away from the worlds is the Mid Season Invitational . This is where the teams from the individual regions meet to compile an intermediate result of their performance and to choose the best team at the time. The splits for the respective regions begin in January and February. From January 23rd you can see the EU teams in action again and maybe already estimate who will make it to the Worlds this year.

Dota 2 – The International 10

Instead of one season, there are even two seasons in Dota 2 (matching the name), both of which work towards the world championship ” The International 10.” Actually, this year would even be the eleventh season if a certain Mr. Corona had not intervened and Valve added caused the 2020 tournament finals to be canceled and postponed to next year, as the developer does not want the event to take place online.

The World Cup last year is expected to take place in Stockholm and will make the participating teams’ eyes sparkle with a prize pool of over 40 million dollars (Dota 2 has long been known for its oversized prize money). On August 15th, Valve wants to physically bring players and fans together for the big esports event. Before the tenth international event, the two seasons with a six-week league phase in each Dota region and a subsequent major take place. The first season starts on January 18th and has its major on March 25th .

In front of the screen in the hall or in front of the screen, where does that make a difference? – No esports fan ever said.

FIFA – Global Series and FIFA eWorld Cup 2021

In 2020, many FIFA tournaments were canceled due to pandemics, and the World Cup was also canceled for the benefit of spectators, players and employees. This year it should look different. All over the world, the first qualification phases for Playstation and Xbox players who aim to reach the playoffs within five events in the respective region have begun. The winners of these qualifying matches will then compete against each other in the FIFA eWorld Cup .

The qualification phases are to be held online, while in the playoffs, players are supposed to meet in regional offline events. The Global Series elimination rounds are expected to take place in June and July. There is no date for the eWorld Cup yet . After all, it is already clear how much cash will be in the prize pool of the FIFA Final. EA will distribute a total of USD 500,000 to the participants. The FIFA eClub World Cup and the eNations Cup will also take place again this year, according to EA. Due to the pandemic, the publisher reserves the right to make structural changes to the events of the Global Series, including the eWorld Cup, if this is necessary. Only death is certain (yes, I’m talking about you Corona!).

With a little luck, FIFA players and their fans will be able to experience offline events again this year.

Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveIntel Extreme Masters and Co.

A major e-sports event is within reach. The Intel Extreme Masters will take place in Katowice between February 16 and 28 – of course without a spectator, it would definitely be too early for that in February. At least the pro players are allowed to put their skills to the test in familiar surroundings, even if the atmosphere without spectators loses some of the competitive feeling. If COVID-19 becomes too dangerous by then, the event can also be relocated to a digital venue at short notice. The ESL Pro Tour Masters Championship with one million prize money and the Intel Grand Slam will take place at the IEM . That’s good news. The Spring Major is canceled, however.

In addition to the IEM, the ESL One Cologne will also be an offline event – and even with an audience! At least the aim is to have a livelier event in the Lanxess Arena from July 16 to 18 . Tickets for this event are already being sold with confidence. Only at the end of the year there are bigger tournaments like the Fall Major in November and the Blast Premier Global Finals 2021 in December. It is still unclear how Valve wants to unite the players under one roof for the major international events.

E-sports can look so beautiful! Unfortunately you can only follow the IEM online in February.

Call of Duty: Black OpsCold War – CDL Championship

This year, 12 teams from the USA, Canada and Europe will compete in the Call of Duty League. During the five three-week group phases, each with a subsequent major as a small highlight for in between, the teams can secure additional CDL points with each victory in order to place themselves higher in the leaderboard. When all majors are over, the 8 teams with the best score qualify for the playoffs and can play at the CDL Championship for 1.5 million USD in prize money. Even before the start of the season on February 11th, a special CDL birthday event will take place on January 23rd to 24th .

Announcing the #CDL2021 Kickoff Classic! Join us January 23-24 for a special one-year anniversary of the Call of Duty League.

?? Fan-voted show matches
?? 2021 season details
?? Group selection show pic.twitter.com/OLuSnfQ7Nj

— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) January 12, 2021

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The shooting takes place exclusively on the PC in best-of-five matches with four shooters in a team. The games are played in a double elimination competition, in which teams beaten once are only eliminated from the tournament after a subsequent second defeat. Whether the tournaments should take place online or offline is not explicitly addressed in the explanatory video for the CDL 2021. However, it is said that new ways are being sought for fans to interact with what is happening.

Fortnite – Fortnite Champion Series

As Epic Games announced in their news blog, the Fortnite Champion Series will continue this year. In teams of three, the professionals will face each other from February 4th and shoot and build as much as they can. Usually their destination would be the Fortnite World Cup. Since this year, like the last one, is different from all the others, the World Cup will probably not take place because the games cannot be played offline. The safety of everyone involved in such global events is a top priority, according to Epic Games.

Despite the lack of a major event, Epic Games tries to pack the event calendar as full as it can. Weekly tournaments, special events and Creator Cups are intended to put e-sport fans off until the next physical event. It won’t just stop with the trio line-ups of the Champion Series. A little entertaining variety certainly doesn’t hurt anyone in these times.

You can see this logo on your screen this year.

Playernknown’s Battlegrounds – Global Invitational.s

PUBG Corporation CEO Kim says the developer has learned a lot this year and that they will use their 2020 experience to host a “safe global esports tournament” that players from around the world can experience online. An offline event So it doesn’t seem to be planned. According to the developer, the ?? S “in the Invitational.s stands for survival, one of the core gameplay aspects of battle royale and, on the occasion of the global health situation, it stands for safety, which is also the case with PUBGs E -Sport events is capitalized. A fixed two-week quarantine for PGI.S participants illustrates this premise.

Street FighterCapcom Cup 2020

Update from January 18, 2021:

The Capcom Cup is canceled due to the rising cases of COVID-19. On Twitter, Capcom announced that instead the season finale of the CapcomProTour will be held in a live event on February 20 and 21. So the best players of the season still get a spot in the spotlight and their action-packed esports event. So the organizing developer tries to at least make the best of the situation.

Our all favorite year 2020 (luckily we are now behind us) can feel responsible for the postponement of the Capcom Cup 2020 . The Street Fighter League World Championship Final with the four best teams from Japan and the USA and the final of the Capcom Cup will take place in February . At the CC, twenty individual players fight each other in the virtual ring, including iDom, who won Capcom 2019 and Luffy, who stumbled into the tournament through a community vote. All the others have earned their places in the online Capcom Pro Tour. The $ 200,000 prize pool certainly spurred her on.

From February 19 to 21, you can watch the targeted button-mashing orgy in the Hard Rock Hotel in Puta Cana (Dominican Republic) online on all major streaming platforms. Spectators are not allowed, the relatively travel-friendly environment of the venue and a lot of security measures at least ensure that the players on site work up a sweat for every perfect chin hook and crushing kicks.

Of course, there are also many other e-sports titles that will not keep e-sports feet still in 2021 and want to offer their fans great experiences even with restrictions. We therefore also want to mention titles like Hearthstone, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Apex Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and, and, and. The list feels like it is endless. Which esports events are you definitely not going to miss this year?

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