“And now how do I do it?”. This is a bit like the question that sums up the spirit with which I came out of the test of Destiny 2 for PC. Because this is the Bungie game brought to its peak and, being a reboot for the series, what better time to start over on a new platform?

The point isn’t just the graphics that today’s consoles can’t achieve. With the One X at the door and a PlayStation 4 Pro that still reaches 4K, the differences that now embellish the edition for personal computers are not all that evident to the eye of the casual gamer. And then everything is to be seen how much Bungie will invest in the PC version, how much it will actually want to allow it to be different from the console version. And the feeling is that the Seattle house doesn’t want to push their foot too hard on the accelerator.

An example is multiplayer, which will not see the use of those dedicated servers that the most optimists hoped for. Although Matt Segur, in a recent interview, confused the waters a bit: “Destiny 2 will use a single model. All activities will be hosted by one of our servers. This means that there will never be a host migration in the course of a raid or other match, which is different from the first game where the hosting tasks were done by the players’ consoles. “

Graphically Destiny 2 on PC is a pretty sight, but we would have liked to see the differences with the console versions.

For sure, however, we know that the frame will reach 144Hz, the resolution up to 4K (native), that 21: 9 monitors will also be supported, that you can chat using the keyboard and that you can set the field of view at will. We tested Destiny 2’s first two missions at Nvidia’s E3 booth and they turned out to be a joy to behold, although we wouldn’t mind having an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro alongside to compare the differences.

The problem comes when looking at the control system. Mouse and keyboard are the ideal choice for any shooter, there is no need for me to tell you. And Destiny 2 is no exception. Of course, the aim assist that makes everyone feel like champions is missing, but anyone who has been playing on PC for years will immediately find that immediacy, that instantaneity that on consoles is a little lost.

But the real problem comes when it comes to the feeling that Bungie, with great skill, have managed to convey to us through their weapons. Grab any Destiny expert, put a pad in his hand and a blindfold, then have him shoot with a Pounding Spindle or an Ice Pick and he’ll instantly tell the difference between the two. This feedback, which is partly acoustic but mainly tactile, cannot be transmitted by a mouse. Which puts us in front of a not indifferent choice: pad or mouse and keyboard?

But this, I admit, is a typical question of omnivorous gamers, that is, those who switch from PC to console (and vice versa) without particular distinctions whatsoever. Among the purists, between the loyal ones of the two factions, there are instead the same differences that exist between one who follows the paleo diet and a vegan. The decision will come spontaneously, it will be a priori. Without forgetting that, if desired, the PC edition will also be usable using the pad, in an unorthodox but very circle-fighting hybridization.

There is, however, another problem, not a small one: friends. Those who have played Destiny in recent years now have a clan that, inevitably, is on consoles. Statistics in hand, much more on PS4 than on Xbox One. While Destiny 2 offers everyone a chance for a fresh start, it’s next to impossible for an entire guild of players to move to PC, which will force many people, including myself, to continue the console experience.

Also because, as observed wisely by our Wesley a few weeks ago in the preview, the lack of cross platform but also only of cross save, makes any exchange between the two platforms impossible. From the series: “ok guys, tonight I’ll do the raid with you on PS4 but at least let me do the patrols alone on PC”. Well, unfortunately this will not be possible and it is a real shame.

Like all PC shooters, Destiny 2 would be appropriate to play with mouse and keyboard, but won’t we miss controller feedback?

Net of the fact that the PC edition will be playable exclusively on Battle.net (have patience Blizzard, it will take me a few years to call it by its current name) and that it will therefore enjoy the stability and security that the Irvine giant has accustomed us to , the fact remains that the PC version of Destiny 2 is technically the best of all, and the choice by definition of all FPS enthusiasts. And yet it comes late, damn late.

A PC version of Destiny should have been present at the launch of the game in 2014, when the mass of players willing to embrace the proposal of Bungie had not yet crystallized on consoles. As of today, the choice to switch to Destiny 2 on PC will be up to only those whose clan has dissolved due to Bungie’s poor management of end content, or those who are approaching the game for the first time. “Rather than nothing is better rather”, they say here in Milan, but the fear is that Bungie’s gaze at the world of personal computers has arrived late.

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