Los Angeles – Shut up Sony managed to land another big shot. Although not particularly celebrated, the arrival of Monster Hunter World on PlayStation 4 it could further increase the sales of the console in Japan by making them take absolute control of this market as well. It is true that the game will also arrive on Xbox One at the same time but Microsoft’s console has practically no weight in the Rising Sun and Monster Hunter is not a series capable of shifting the balance in the USA, where the Redmond giant defends itself better.

Thanks to the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS on more performing platforms, the Capcom series can try to evolve its gameplay in order to introduce an additional layer of depth and variety to its formula. As if the 14 different sets of weapons, potions, traps or crafting were not enough, in fact, in Monster Hunter World even the ecosystem in which we will go hunting will come to life and will be able to live a life of its own.

Each beast, in fact, occupies a very specific position within the Monster Hunter food chain and based on it will react in a manner consistent with what is happening on the screen. For example, during the presentation we witnessed, a ferocious Rathalos started attacking the Anjanath we were hunting only because it crossed its territory during our fight. From that moment on, a fierce battle began between the two gigantic monsters, which saw us helplessly witness the fierce exchange of blows.

Camouflaging will allow you to get closer to your prey.

The Anjanath is in fact a gigantic chestnut apparently similar to a “simple” T-Rex. If necessary, however, he can upgrade his nose to track down his victims and even breathe fire when cornered. The Rathalos, on the other hand, is a giant flying wyvern, capable of spitting flames and poisoning the opponent. As well as tearing him to shreds with his powerful jaws.

Getting caught up in their fight might be the last thing we’ll do but, in order not to lose the hunt goal, some action had to be taken. After waiting a few moments on the sidelines for the Rathalos to weaken the Anjanath, we reached an elevated position so that we could pounce on the Wyvern’s back. From here we were able to inflict a large number of undisturbed damage on him before being thrown off his violent movements.

This action of ours has given Anjanath the opportunity to escape and to lose track of him. Using the slingshot to distract the ferocious monster and the control wheel to put on the camouflage suit (i.e. the solution Capcom found to remedy the lack of an inventory managed via touch screen), we were able to make the huge flying beast lose too interest in us, allowing us to refocus on our primary goal. Fortunately, the Felyne who attended us had already registered the smell of the Anjanath and allowed us to find it before the time for hunting ran out, a feature that will also be present in this episode.

Once discovered, it will be easier to track a monster.

The beast has fled to its shelter to recover its energy. This gave us the ability to return to base camp via teleportation so that we could switch weapon sets and retrieve some new traps from a shopkeeper. Taking advantage of the monster’s sleep, in fact, we were able to better plan the attack in order to simplify the use of the heavy bowgun, a lethal weapon on short range, but which needs time to be loaded. And in Monster Hunter World, the larger beasts will be much more dynamic than in the past, as they will be able to escape using practically all the passages in the scenario and will even be able to create new ones by breaking down some stone walls.

These new interactions with the environment can also be exploited during the hunt, making huge boulders collapse on the various monsters in order to take advantage of their stunning to hit them furiously. The strategic options made available in Monster Hunter World are many and further expand the already huge park moves in the past years. They will range from traps able to tie the target to the ground for a few seconds to sticky bombs capable of detonating from a distance, passing through the grappling hook, very useful both in the escape phase, and to jump on the back of a monster and hit it in style. rodeo.

All of these novelties will pile up on the huge amount of options from the past, such as the need to hit specific parts of a monster to get materials of that type or the huge amount of items, recipes and weapons that you can create to get the most effects. disparate.

Suddenly two giant monsters could start fighting each other.

In addition, one of the main features of Monster Hunter World will be the ability to play cooperatively with 4 friends, so you can face the most challenging and toughest monsters in a group. We can’t wait to see four players in action at the same time and observe the chaos they could produce, especially in combination with the new dynamic ecosystem.

If the production of Capcom has a weakness, this is to be found in the technical sector, completely unable to impress on a hardware that has proven to be able to easily manage games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Sure, the dynamic ecosystem is CPU-intensive, and the interactions of so many beasts don’t have to be easy to calculate, but the complexity of polygonal environments is pretty sparse, as is the ability to properly handle collisions.

Lovers of the series will be willing to turn a blind eye to this aspect but the Japanese publisher could have made a greater effort to celebrate the arrival of an episode designed exclusively for One and PS4. Without considering that a PC edition is also on the way, expected a few weeks after the console debut.