Will Microsoft deliver? Do you want to go back to the good days when you had to have a 360? Will the new device be called Scarlett, at least for the time being? Well the answers are yes, hmmmm … and yes.

Outer Worlds at the start, a third-party title. But well, in view of the purchase of Obsidian that is probably more technically speaking and only still so for this title, so let’s just leave it as it is. Mainly because the game looks nice, even if it’s a bit distracted by the art design. Still, a lot of potential, especially with such a story-intensive studio behind it.

Ninja Theory comes up next and they show … Bleeding Edge. And what is that? Combat, sure, action, always. Online and Melee, 4 vs. 4. An arena hero battle game and with the Game Pass there is that too and in a few days, on June 27th, as a technical alpha. You can look at it.

Continue with Ori and the Will of the Wisps and my face, that looks gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic and something I would consider buying a console for. Good thing I already have this. I will definitely need it on February 11th, 2020.

Then Minecraft: Dungeons as something that looks like a Minecraft Diablo. But really Diablo. Kind of nice and even with co-op 4s like the original. Okay, building a Diablo in Minecraft doesn’t sound innovative, but it seems worth playing. The Game Pass was made for something like that.

Phil comes by and says that something will be said about the new console. Later.

Then a few pictures of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in the aftermath of yesterday and here was finally the “Want to Play!” Moment: The AT-ATs on the swampy Wookiee planet looked incredible. Much better than yesterday’s 08-15 action adventure. Let’s see what else it will be – and at least Benjamin, at 08-15, is currently not as strict as I am.

Then a film license comes as a surprise that I didn’t expect anyone would want. But the Blair Witch horror game makes a very coherent impression in the trailer, like something that even I could be scared of. And I am afraid of almost no horror game.

Then the first big hit comes, even if it’s not exclusive. Cyberpunk 2077 looks like the best ever! I can’t say it any other way, that’s perfect, above everything else, I want to play that, then never play anything else again how could I ever call Deus Ex successful, this is the real ! Don’t worry, I’ll be back down, but not yet. To be hyped about it is still too much fun. Also because they bring Keanu Reeves on stage and that fits perfectly, after all, he was the Johnny Mnemonic. And he was allowed to say it: April 16, 2020 will be the day of the days!

Since you can only follow up with a few courses back, they do the same with a very likeable little indie named Spiritfarer. Nice, in the Game Pass, definitely play it later. And then again the battletoads, which seem to be worse and further away from the beloved original with each new teaser. The driving sequences? At best, remembers Hugo if anyone else knows it. More better-than-looking indies follow that deserve more attention. Crosscode makes a good retro impression if you want to go in that direction. And Blazing Chrome probably wants to give us the contra that Konami can’t or won’t give us. And everything at launch with Game Pass again. Will have to extend it at some point.

In addition, there is more to the Game Pass, which is also available for the PC from today and if you want the crossover package, together with Xbox Live and the Game Pass for Xbox, it costs 15 euros. Not a bad deal, especially given the games on show today.

Then a big, exclusive surprise, something no one expected. A legacy that goes back to no less than 1982: A new MS Flight Simulator, the first since 2006. And what we saw, those were our wet dreams from 1982. Or in 1988 when I took off my first flight over Chicago. That I can still experience that.

On with the PC: Age of Empires 2 is coming! Wait, wasn’t there something? Oh yes, HD or something. Now it’s brand new and why not. Such games age well. Wasteland 3 looks just right too. This time with more direct humor, at least in the trailer, but also the mutant stampede by the campfire has charm and that seemed to be gameplay. Even if I already know that I will hardly find time for it, I am looking forward to it.

Matt Booty, Head of Microsoft Studios and bearer of a funny name, then announces the purchase of Double Fine: Good for Tim, the old sock. He deserved it and hopefully in two years he’ll be sitting on more cool games, not avatars. But for now there is something about Psychonauts 2, the financing of which is probably as certain as it will be, and the impression is … Psychonauts. Looks like it’s supposed to look. Cool.

There is always time for third parties and a Lego trailer, as the Skywalker saga shows for no less than nine films. No matter how often the Lego figures do their crap, it will always please me for a few minutes. Then another Dragon Ball Z game, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, but I’m careful about that. Always looks great in the trailer, until you have something like One Piece Open World in front of you …

12 Minutes, on the other hand, seems to be an interactive thriller that deserves its name, a nice premise with a time loop again. Has something and is definitely different from the following Way to the Woods, another, long-announced indie that has a subline: “Coming 2020 … For real this Time …” Well, hopefully.

Then it’s time for Gears of War 5: Bound by Blood and after almost an hour Microsoft has earned it to bring up one of the well-known names. Nice teaser, but … no, no gameplay, doesn’t look like it, but a lot of beta MP test until the release on September 10th this year. Then they do a lot of pyro and fog action, a funny tracking shot under the stage as a gimmick and then see more … Trailer, yep, still no gameplay. But hey, Gears trailers have something to offer, even if this is miles away from Geistesblitz Mad World. So this becomes the three-player co-op mode Escape and it seems to have less to do with cover than the usual Gears-Play. As the finale for Gears, the character package is shown that has it all: Terminator in Gears, fist on the eye.

It’s been an hour and … hardware !! Oops, this is not a new Xbox, this is the: Elite Controller 2! November 4th, 179 euros, 40 hours runtime in a rechargeable battery. Can you make the best even better? Sure, especially since the title is now going to the no less expensive third-party manufacturers. Time for the original, to show them where the controller hammer hangs. Let’s see where Microsoft forgets the micro-switches.

The Elite 2 is then sure to be a perfect controller for what will be Dying Light 2, which shines with another trailer. It’s so serious that Forza Horizon 4 has to land the ultimate clout to be fun and make one on Lego. That’s right, Forza Horizon is doing a crossover with Lego and it’s going to be the best ever. After cyberpunk, of course. Nevertheless, simply brilliant and the huge Lego racing car on stage they really deserved.

We deliberately ignore Gears Pop and take note of State of Decay 2: Heartland, an add-on for the zombie epic, which has now been patched quite well. Story seems okay, why not. Available now, so get started.

After that it gets strange. Japan’s biggest online RPG, all content, all bosses, on Xbox and it’s called … Phantasy Star Online 2 ??? Phantasy Star still exists? Cool! Want to play! And Free-2-Play, so checking in won’t cost anything at first. It is followed by Crossfire X, which is slated for 2020, is being developed by Smilegate and of which no gameplay is in sight. The trailer shows nicely staged military .

Then on to more trailers, this time Namco Bandai with the seven hundredth Tales game, namely … Tales of Arise. Okay you did it, that’s the dumbest Tales name yet. It’s going to be hard to beat. Better quickly forget the name – not the game – and Borderlands 3 will definitely help in the form of another fun trailer with a minimal amount of gameplay. At this point I begin to miss EA’s gameplay-heavy format yesterday.

Fitting to this thought, From and GRR follows Martins Elden Ring and it is the first trailer for what will hopefully become legend again. Will come someday. On Xbox and PC and certainly elsewhere, as long as Bandai Namco doesn’t sign a deal with Microsoft. Which we are not assuming for the moment.

Then time for the cloud with a few warm words from Phil to xCloud, the streaming service, before the new Xbox arrives. And this time they seem to have understood that a game console is not a TV set-top box, but above all must be able to play games. At least you say so. Then you get brave, confuse the viewer with a kind of gaming support group that plays phrase bingo before finally … chips are shown. DF-Richard has to decipher that, we just hear more phrases. And a few first keywords: 8K, 120 frames. SSD as virtual RAM for a life without loading times. Cool. More phrases and … Project Scarlett. Congratulations to the decipherers. The real name will be next year. OK. Noted. To buy at the end of next year and before that we will probably hear more details.

And since every new console needs a major launch title, why not take the next Halo? A trailer, a new character and a familiar armor later, the great adventure continues. Halo: Infinite, we’re back on the Ringworld.

Trailer show end and? Did Microsoft deliver? I would say yes. It was a very balanced mix in which Gears-Forza-Halo did not dominate, but rather the first delicate beginnings in the direction of more exclusivity, access in the form of the Game Pass and of course a new console. The show was coherent in itself and a good sign that Microsoft is still taking Xbox seriously. They are not there yet, but at least they are on their way.

Where was Fable 4 anyway?

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