Good morning all! Grab your real-time strategy manual again, because EA is in the process of bringing back Command & Conquer. At least in the form of remasters. Further in this watch, among other things: two big VR titles and a new expansion for Cities: Skylines!


Let’s dwell for a moment on the fact that the best workday of the week has arrived and Red Dead Redemption 2 is now only two weeks away …

EA announces Command & Conquer remasters. Kind of.

There was no life left in it for a long time and the arrival of C&C: Rivals on mobile was completely the nail in the proverbial coffin. Everyone knows: Command & Conquer is as dead as a stone. Thank you for destroying one of the great founders of a genre, EA.

And yet there also appear to be people within EA who think that this cannot be continued! In some deep recesses of the internet, where only the most hardcore C&C fans hide (the C&C subreddit and the OpenRA forum), Jim Vessella, producer at EA, has left a special message.

He says they’ve heard fans loud and clear and agrees that the franchise should return to PC. And that’s why EA has been exploring some “exciting ideas” about remastering the Command & Conquer PC classics. In fact, they already have something in the pipeline to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary! Hoera!

The latter is a bit lackluster, because that is actually only in 2020… but still, the good news is: we are getting remasters of Command & Conquer! Are you here waiting for Tiberian Dawn in a fresh jacket? And of course Red Alert? Maybe Tiberian Sun? De Wacht is especially curious if they also remaster the ultra-cheesy cut-scenes … “In the name of Kane !!”

Jump Force trailer introduces Seiya and Shiryu

Oooh yes, a new character trailer for Jump Force! This time we see Saint Seiya Shiryu in action, known from Knights of The Zodiac. Okay! Jump Force will be a fighter with all kinds of well-known heroes from various manga and anime, and should be released in February 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Cities: Skylines gets new DLC: Industries

They don’t have a lot of competition and everyone who loves city builders even a little has it for a long time. And yet, especially for those people, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order continue to expand and improve the game. Today they announced what they say is the most in-depth DLC pack yet, under the very clear title: Industries!

As you guessed, this expansion brings all kinds of new things to the industry. You will manage entire production chains of four different raw materials, with of course associated new factories. In addition, you will get more freight options at the airport and with this expansion you will also have to ensure that the mail is delivered on time. Oh, you also get five new maps!

If you’re not in the mood for all that industry, a free update will be released at the same time, with a 16-track new radio station, toll roads and more. This update and Cities: Skylines – Industries will be released on October 23rd for PC, MAC and Linux. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when Xbox One, PS4 and Switch will follow.

RUSH VR announced for PlayStation VR

He does not know about you, but at least the Guard is still happy to have such miracle glasses from Sony at home. Not that it is used that often, but it is a nice feeling that he can play Superhot VR whenever he wants. Not bad either: new games are still being made for it! For example, today they announced one that will cause ‘VR sweats’ to break out even among the most experienced cybernauts. In Rush VR you go base jumping in a wingsuit, the most sick extreme sport humanity has ever invented. Good luck!

Rush VR has yet to release sometime this fall, just for PlayStation VR.

Pixel Ripped 1989 will be released for PS VR in Europe on October 16

Just a few more VR news, then we have it: the remarkable, multidimensional and extra nostalgic VR adventure Pixel Ripped 1989 is finally coming to European PSVR headsets! With this launch trailer, we know that the game will be available for download from PlayStation Store on October 16.

Why that is almost three months after the American release is a mystery, but a special contest has been organized especially for us Europeans. We have the most pixels at the end of level 1 and send images of it, will get a spot on the cover of in-game game magazine Gamerpow!

Extra Doom

And now, a very special filter about Doom, made with a neural network. Enjoy.

LEGO DC Super-Villains Launch Trailer

Another game that will be released on October 16 also got a launch trailer today. As a gaming enthusiast, you have to be smart with your time, so you know that this fall you have a difficult choice: either Red Dead Redemption 2, or LEGO DC Super-Villains. To make that choice a bit easier: the voice of The Joker is again simply done by Mark Hamill. Good luck!

A can of new Splatoon amiibo

Nintendo is still doing good business with their amiibo and today shows three new characters for Splatoon and their corresponding unlocks in the game! These Octoling amiibo will be released on November 9. At least, that’s what this video from Nintendo UK says, the Wacht has no idea whether that also applies to the Netherlands. You?

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion will be released on November 21 for mobile

Well, um… a mobile Assassin’s Creed game. With all known assassins and other characters in an extra cute version. The Guard doesn’t really know what to think about it, do whatever you want with it …

Have a nice Friday!

And now, glide through your Friday, straight into the weekend! What’s on the game menu for you in the coming days? Tell each other and each other in the comments!

Water sausage does snow zooms.

– In Otter News (@Otter_News) October 11, 2018