EA cleans Need for Speed ​​on Instagram and Youtube

Electronic Arts is ready to unveil the new Need for Speed ​​and that seems to mean a restart.

While waiting for the first game trailer to hit stores in 2019, scheduled for 3pm tomorrow in mainland Portugal, 11am in Brasilia, Need for Speed ​​fans noticed that EA deleted everything that was on Instagram and Youtube series.

Through reddit, the Need for Speed ​​community shared the news and commented on EA’s intentions and why they did it.

The idea of ​​restarting the Need for Speed ​​series and moving away from the latest, less positive releases, may be at the root of this decision, but still, remove all videos from the official YouTube channel and all photos shared on the official Instagram account it looks strange.

Currently, the previous games in the Need for Speed ​​series are still listed on EA’s official website, where you can recall all the history and games like Need for Speed ​​2015, Rivals or Most Wanted, among many others.

Only the series’ official Twitter account seems to have escaped this cleanup by EA, which in addition to the announcement of the impending announcement of the new game, has not shared anything since May 2019.

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