EA has moved another important game to Steam

From now on, we can also add BioWare’s MMO in the Star Wars universe to our library in the Valve launcher.

Electronic Arts announced last year that they would break with their years-long tradition of uploading their PC games exclusively to Origins, so there have been plenty of EA titles on Steam in the past year or so. Now the list is enriched with another classic that Star Wars fans can especially enjoy.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been free for a while, so those who like to keep their games inside a launcher don’t have to buy them again. The MMO, developed by BioWare Austin, was released in 2011, but the creators are still hammering newer and newer content to it, not to mention the fact that it comes with perhaps the most striking previews in the history of video games.

So if so far all that has held you back is that you haven’t been able to reach the game through Steam so far, now it’s definitely worth giving it a chance, because this adventure still shows the genius of BioWare writers, which we increasingly miss in their new titles.

  • Developer: BioWare
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: MMO

The MMO, created by Bioware, takes place 3,000 years before the original trilogy.